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A non-native Teacher at work.

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100% online TEFL course with Teaching Practice (TP)
120 hrs in-depth approach
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 ICAL TEFL Grammar Foundation Course

100% online Grammar Foundation course for TEFL teachers
all areas of English grammar found in the typical classroom covered
simple explanations & easy to follow examples
your own personal tutor to guide you through the course
no previous knowledge required
affordable course fee - $135 US - £ 80 - € 100
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Computer Asssisted Language Learning


100% online CALL Certificate course
thorough intro to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
all latest technologies & techniques covered
CALL personal tutor
affordable course fee - $315 US - £ 200 - € 235
graduation papers sent as hardcopy to any address in the world

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Video CV/Résumé22 Nov 2014 12:13
Video CV/Résumé

Some teachers are now creating video CV/Résumés. These are uploaded to sites like YouTube and the link sent to prospective employers along with their standard printed/emailed CV/Résumé‏‎.
A video CV/Résumé is not meant to be a substitute for [ ... ]

TEFL Jobs
Do I Need To Know Grammar?‏‎ 21 Nov 2014 23:33
Do I Need To Know Grammar?‏‎

This question is often asked by new or potential TEFL teachers, especially since many schools in the UK and USA‏‎ do not teach grammar‏‎ as a matter of course and many high school graduates will not know a verb‏‎ from a noun. Can you describe [ ... ]

ICAL TEFL Grammar Guide
Syntax‏‎ in English21 Nov 2014 20:00DELTA‏‎

Simply put, Syntax is the collection of rules which go together to form sentences and phrases in a language. For example, the rules of syntax say that an English sentence can be formed thus: {subject} + {verb} + {object} Michael + rowed + the boat The [ ... ]

ICAL TEFL Grammar Guide
Advanced Level Students in English21 Nov 2014 19:00
Advanced Level Students in English

Advanced is used to refer to learner levels‏‎ for students who can hold extended conversations and write extended texts. It is by no means a strict definition and there can be a great deal of overlap between advanced and intermediate students. Generally [ ... ]

How to Teach English
Visas for TEFL Teachers Abroad21 Nov 2014 16:25
Visas for TEFL Teachers Abroad

Quite simply a visa is a document stating that a person is authorized to enter the country or territory for which it was issued. If you intend to go abroad to teach depending on where you go and your nationality you may or may not need a visa to [ ... ]

Living & Teaching Around the World
Vanessa Jakeman21 Nov 2014 15:33DELTA‏‎

Vanessa Jakeman is an ELT author most well known for her IELTS books published by CUP. Vanessa worked as an EFL teacher for many years including 10 years in Hong Kong where she taught and worked for the HK Examinations Authority as well as UCLES. During [ ... ]

Writers, Grammarians & Linguists
Psycholinguistics21 Nov 2014 15:17

Simply put, Psycholinguistics is the study of how psychological factors and neurological factors influence the way we learn, understand, and use language. It tries to answer questions like: How do our brains process language? How do we recognize speech [ ... ]

Linguistics for TEFL Teachers
Teaching English Abroad as a Single Parent20 Nov 2014 23:03
Teaching English Abroad as a Single Parent

This article looks at the practicalities of being a single parent and working as a TEFL teacher abroad with your child living there with you as either a single mother or single father. At first glance it may seem very difficult but there are solutions [ ... ]

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