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Pidgin‏‎ 25 Oct 2014 18:25

A Pidgin is a simplified or "broken" form of language that develops as a means of communication between two or more groups that do not have a language in common. The word pidgin (also spelt pigion) comes from a Chinese Pidgin English pronunciation of [ ... ]

Linguistics for English Teachers
Where to Teach‏‎ English as a Foreign Language25 Oct 2014 18:17
Where to Teach‏‎ English as a Foreign Language

Where to Teach is one of the key questions asked by newly qualified teachers as well as experienced teachers who are looking for a change. On the plus side teaching English happens in pretty much every single country in the world so there are jobs available [ ... ]

Living & Teaching Around the World
Lingua Franca‏‎ 25 Oct 2014 18:11
Lingua Franca‏‎

Here's a scenario for you: a ship sinks at sea and 10 survivors manage to struggle to a desert island. Each survivor comes from a different country and speaks a different language. And none of them speak any other language other than their own. Ten years [ ... ]

World Languages
Monolingual Classes & English Language Teaching25 Oct 2014 18:08
Monolingual Classes & English Language Teaching

As a TEFL teacher, you will be faced with one of two types of classroom: Monolingual or Multilingual. In a monolingual classroom, all the students speak the same first language and they are all learning English. This type of classroom is typical in countries [ ... ]

Teaching Techniques
Glossary of TEFL & TESOL Terms25 Oct 2014 18:01Singular and Plural Nouns‏‎ in English Grammar

One of the most common questions we're asked is the difference between TEFL, TESOL, TESL and CELTA. Here's the answer! This is a simple glossary of terms used by teachers of English. Each word or phrase has a short explanation and many [ ... ]

TEFL Resources
Adverbs‏‎ in English Grammar25 Oct 2014 17:26
Adverbs‏‎ in English Grammar

Adverbs are known as a kind of 'catch-all' class of words‏‎ in English‏‎ and there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. To begin with, however, we can say that adverbs give us more information about other words and clarify usage. Adverbs [ ... ]

Adverbs
Present Continuous‏‎ in English Grammar25 Oct 2014 17:17
Present Continuous‏‎ in English Grammar

We use the Present Continuous (also called Present Progressive) in three ways in English‏‎: 1. to talk about a situation that is happening right now as we speak. What are you doing?
I am reading 50 Shades of Gray! Why is he in bed?
He is not feeling [ ... ]

Tenses & Forms
Direct & Indirect Questions in English25 Oct 2014 16:49
Direct & Indirect Questions in English

We can ask a direct question: What time is it? Or, if we want to be more formal or polite, we can ask an indirect question: Do you know what time it is? We make an indirect question by using a phrase and then a statement. Note that even though this [ ... ]

Sentences
Teaching English to Young Learners25 Oct 2014 16:34
Teaching English to Young Learners

TEYL or Teaching English to Young Learners refers to a more specialized area of teaching English‏‎ which deals with younger students. Aside from the usual considerations which you should give to any TEFL class, there are certain extra considerations [ ... ]

Teaching English to Young Learners
Pronunciation Whispers‏‎ 25 Oct 2014 16:20
Pronunciation Whispers‏‎

Pronunciation Whispers is a quick and effective variation on the Chinese Whispers/Telephone game where students pass a message along a line to practice pronunciation. Pre-Teaching First, identify a pronunciation issue with your class. This will depend [ ... ]

TEFL Lesson Plans, Activities & Ideas
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