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Prepositions‏‎ 20 Oct 2014 17:13

Prepositions are a closed word class‏‎. A preposition joins nouns, pronouns‏‎ and phrases‏‎ with other words in a sentence‏‎. The word or phrase that the preposition introduces is called the object of the preposition. A preposition usually [ ... ]

Prepositions
Gender‏‎ in English Grammar20 Oct 2014 17:02
Gender‏‎ in English Grammar

When many languages use nouns, the nouns are often grouped as masculine, feminine or neuter. In English these groups are very simple to make - as a general guide: masculine   men & boys feminine   women & girls neuter   everything [ ... ]

Nouns
Zero Article‏‎ in English Grammar20 Oct 2014 16:56
Zero Article‏‎ in English Grammar

The Zero Article does not exist. It is a useful term, however, to use when describing how to use articles‏‎. Essentially when we talk about the zero article we mean that we do not use any article in front of a noun. In other words, we do not use a/an [ ... ]

Determiners
Units of Measurement‏‎ in English20 Oct 2014 16:39
Units of Measurement‏‎ in English

Units of Measurement are used to talk about quantity. Common units include: length: meter, mile, kilometer... weight: pound, stone, kilogram... liquid: liter, gallon... Singular & Plural Units of measurement usually have a singular and plural [ ... ]

Functions
Adverbial Clauses‏‎ in English Grammar20 Oct 2014 16:26
Adverbial Clauses‏‎ in English Grammar

An adverbial clause is a subordinate clause‏‎ that act as the adverb in a sentence. It normally answers the questions: how, when, where, how much. We can join two clauses using a simple conjunction. She heard the door open while she was watching [ ... ]

Sentences
Korean vs English20 Oct 2014 16:08
Korean vs English

Korean is spoken as a first language by over 70 million people. This article looks at the kind of issues Korean native speakers have when they learn English‏‎. Overview Korean is the official language of North Korea‏‎ and South Korea as well [ ... ]

World Languages
TEFL to Blind & Visually Impaired Students20 Oct 2014 16:00
TEFL to Blind & Visually Impaired Students

This article looks at a few ideas you should bear in mind if you have blind or visually impaired students in your TEFL class. Over the years we at ICAL TEFL have had a number of blind and visually impaired teacher trainees taking our course and we have [ ... ]

How to Teach English
Multilingual Classes & TEFL20 Oct 2014 15:46
Multilingual Classes & TEFL

Generally speaking, we can divide language classrooms into two types: monolingual and multilingual. In a monolingual TEFL class all the students speak the same mother tongue‏‎ and are learning English‏‎. In a multilingual TEFL class, however, [ ... ]

Teaching Techniques
On Foot vs By Foot20 Oct 2014 15:28
On Foot vs By Foot

Oh language! Do we want to go down the route of there being no rules, just a few nebulous suggestions which change over time? Are we like the hippy parents at sports day who declare that every child wins because they are all special? Or are we on the side [ ... ]

English Usage
Subject Questions‏‎ in English Grammar20 Oct 2014 13:32
Subject Questions‏‎ in English Grammar

Here's a simple statement: Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper in 1903. It follows the usual pattern of English statements of SVO‏‎: subject + verb + object Mary Anderson + invented + the windshield wiper. Often we ask questions‏‎ [ ... ]

Questions
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