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ICAL TEFL Course 120hr

100% online TEFL course- take it at your own pace
highly qualified & experienced Personal Tutor for every student
quality feedback & fast turnaround
student-friendly materials
24/7 reliable online student services
affordable course fee - $265 US - £ 155 - € 200 with no extras
your TEFL certificate & papers sent anywhere in the world

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A non-native Teacher at work.

ICAL TEFL Course with Practicum 150hr

100% online TEFL course with Teaching Practice (TP)
120 hrs in-depth approach
30 hrs monitored teaching practice (using videoed lessons)
personal trainer to assess your assignments & teaching practice
work at your own pace
24/7 admin assistance
affordable course fee - $395 US - £ 245 - € 295
your TEFL Certificate with TP papers sent anywhere in the world

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ICAL TEFL Teacher in Asia

 ICAL TEFL Grammar Foundation Course

100% online Grammar Foundation course for TEFL teachers
all areas of English grammar found in the typical classroom covered
simple explanations & easy to follow examples
your own personal tutor to guide you through the course
no previous knowledge required
affordable course fee - $135 US - £ 80 - € 100
hardcopy certificate sent free of charge

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Computer Asssisted Language Learning


100% online CALL Certificate course
thorough intro to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
all latest technologies & techniques covered
CALL personal tutor
affordable course fee - $315 US - £ 200 - € 235
graduation papers sent as hardcopy to any address in the world

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Top 3 Tips to Make the Most of your Online TEFL Co...19 Dec 2014 16:17
Top 3 Tips to Make the Most of your Online TEFL Course

We get thousands of students each year taking our online TEFL course and especially in January we get a lot of new trainees joining us so here are 3 simple tips to help you make the most of it. 1. Use your Personal Tutor! Our tutors are experienced, [ ... ]

Qualifications for TEFL Teachers
Letter Hunt‏‎ 19 Dec 2014 15:13
Letter Hunt‏‎

Letter Hunt is a great TEFL game which helps with spelling, vocabulary and - of course - the alphabet. It needs no preparation and can be played in a variety of ways. Running the Game The first time you play this, it's better to demonstrate to the [ ... ]

Spelling & Vocabulary Activities
Gender‏‎ in English Grammar19 Dec 2014 10:37
Gender‏‎ in English Grammar

This is a very general guide to Gender in English. Unlike many other languages it is fairly straightforward in English which makes it relatively easy for language learners and explaining it in your TEFL classroom. To begin with and in practical terms, [ ... ]

Nouns
Gender Neutral Pronouns in English Grammar18 Dec 2014 18:10
Gender Neutral Pronouns in English Grammar

Life would sound a bit repetitive without pronouns: Brian got up. Brian washed Brian. Later Brian went out. Brian got in Brian's car and drove off. Change a person's name into a personal pronoun and it all gets a little easier on the ear: Brian got [ ... ]

Pronouns
Correlative Conjunctions‏‎ in English Grammar18 Dec 2014 17:34
Correlative Conjunctions‏‎ in English Grammar

Of all the types of conjunctions, Correlative Conjunctions are perhaps the easiest to identify as they always come in pairs, they always come together and they link two separate but related items of equal value. Pretty much like socks do. Common Correlative [ ... ]

Conjunctions
Teaching the /θ/ and /ð/ sounds18 Dec 2014 15:15
Teaching the /θ/ and /ð/ sounds

A number of students have difficulties producing the /θ/ and /ð/ sounds found in words like: think - /θɪŋk/ thought - /θɔːt/ threw - /θruː/ this - /ðɪs/ that - /ðæt/ those - /ðəʊz/ Note that the main difference between these sounds [ ... ]

Pronunciation
Most Common Words in English18 Dec 2014 14:36
Most Common Words in English

In 1953 the General Service List was published. This was a list of about 2,000 most commonly used words in English. For many years this was used as a basis for materials writing. This list was useful in learning because anyone who knew all the words on [ ... ]

Vocabulary & TEFL
Indirect/Reported Speech‏‎ in English18 Dec 2014 14:07
Indirect/Reported Speech‏‎ in English

We use Indirect Speech (sometimes called Reported Speech) to repeat and report what someone has said earlier. This is in comparison with Direct Speech‏‎ which is what the person actually says. "Live long and prosper," said Spock. This is direct [ ... ]

Reported Speech
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