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15 Recent ICAL TEFL Articles

Detective Reading31 Oct 2014 13:58
Detective Reading

Detective Reading is a simple reading exercise to give your students practice in intensive reading. The students will check for details and clues in the text to answer several questions. Preparation Find a text which is of suitable length and level [ ... ]

TEFL Lesson Plans, Activities & Ideas
Conditional Mood‏‎ in English Grammar31 Oct 2014 13:45
Conditional Mood‏‎ in English Grammar

This article explores the Conditional Mood; for a simple introduction to conditionals, see Conditionals‏‎ in English Grammar. The Conditional Mood is the form of the verb used in conditional sentences to refer to a hypothetical situation or an uncertain [ ... ]

Conditionals
Transitive & Intransitive Verbs in English31 Oct 2014 13:07
Transitive & Intransitive Verbs in English

Here are two sentences, the first with a Transitive Verb, the second with an Intransitive Verb: She held her breath. She laughed. This illustrates at a glance the basic difference between the two types of verbs‏‎. Transitive Verbs Quite simply [ ... ]

Verbs
Linking Verbs or Copulas31 Oct 2014 13:01
Linking Verbs or Copulas

A linking verb links the subject of the sentence to more information about that subject (the predicate). A linking verb is also known as a copula (plural copulas or copulae.) In English most verbs‏‎ describe an action. For example: Sofia directs her [ ... ]

Verbs
Question Tags‏‎ in English31 Oct 2014 12:59
Question Tags‏‎ in English

Question tags are used at the end of sentences when we want to check something, when we want someone to do something or when we want to show surprise. They are separated from the main question by a comma: You're English, aren't you? You've got five minutes [ ... ]

Questions
All About Shall (vs Will)31 Oct 2014 10:56
All About Shall (vs Will)

When we talk about the future, most often we'll use words like will or be going to: They will arrive tomorrow afternoon.
I'm going to see the match. However, there is an alternative: shall. These days, people often talk about shall as though it's on [ ... ]

Verbs
Future Simple‏‎ in English Grammar31 Oct 2014 10:52
Future Simple‏‎ in English Grammar

The future simple is used to express future time. I will be happy to help you anytime! I am going to go Spain tomorrow morning! Our staff will answer your calls between 8am and 5pm. The future simple is in itself a fairly straightforward tense to explain [ ... ]

Tenses & Forms
Teaching Proverbs in TEFL30 Oct 2014 23:11
Teaching Proverbs in TEFL

Proverbs are simple sayings which are used to show common sense and popular wisdom. They are regarded generally as informal rather than formal language. Thus they're mostly used in common everyday spoken language. There are hundreds and hundreds of proverbs [ ... ]

Vocabulary
How Many Tenses Are There in English?30 Oct 2014 20:59
How Many Tenses Are There in English?

How many Tenses are there in English? It sounds like a simple question, but, unfortunately, it isn't. This is because different people - including both students and TEFL teachers - have different definitions of what a tense actually is and there is [ ... ]

Tenses & Forms
IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet30 Oct 2014 18:51
IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet

The IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet is an alphabet‏‎ of sounds (not letters). It is used to show how to pronounce words‏‎. Using the IPA in your class is a useful tool to give your students. It will help them understand the pronunciation [ ... ]

Phonetics & Phonology
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