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Computer Asssisted Language Learning


100% online CALL Certificate course
thorough intro to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
all latest technologies & techniques covered
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Politecnico di Milano - in English23 Nov 2014 18:57
Politecnico di Milano - in English

I was reading today that the Politecnico di Milano in Italy‏‎ is changing to an English-speaking university only. Quite a remarkable move considering the level of English penetration within Italy.

The ICAL TEFL Blog
Teaching the /b/ or /p/ sounds23 Nov 2014 18:16
Teaching the /b/ or /p/ sounds

A Bilabial Plosive in English is either /b/ or /p/ sound used at the beginning of a word as in boy or toy. Or, indeed bilabial and plosive. Some more minimal pairs with b and p include: bat - pat
bail - pale
bar - par
big - pig
billow - pillow
belt - pelt These [ ... ]

Pronunciation
TOEIC23 Nov 2014 18:00

TOEIC or Test of English for International Communication is an English exam designed to test a user's ability in the workplace. The test consists of a 2 hour multiple choice test of 200 questions on listening‏‎ and reading‏‎ comprehension. There [ ... ]

Qualifications for Students
Fluency and TEFL23 Nov 2014 17:51
Fluency and TEFL

Fluency (or what some people might call Volubility and Loquaciousness) is the ability to speak smoothly and at length about a subject without effort. And if there are pauses, these are to gather thoughts or allow a point to sink in rather than to search [ ... ]

How to Teach English
Passive Verbs‏‎ in English23 Nov 2014 17:17
Passive Verbs‏‎ in English

To make a verb passive, we use the verb be conjugated in the same tense used in the active voice‏‎ and change the main verb into the past participle. These are the main patterns used: Simple Tenses {be} + {Past Participle} active Eric kisses Amanda. passive Amanda [ ... ]

Active & Passive Voice
Possessive Pronouns‏‎ in English Grammar 23 Nov 2014 17:00
Possessive Pronouns‏‎ in English Grammar

Possessive pronouns are pronouns used to show ownership. They tell us who owns what when we don't want to or don't need to repeat the name of what is owned.  As with all pronouns, possessive pronouns replace a noun (the word pronoun comes from Latin [ ... ]

Possession
Syntax‏‎ in English23 Nov 2014 16:24
Syntax‏‎ in English

Simply put, Syntax is the collection of rules which go together to form sentences and phrases in a language. For example, the rules of syntax say that an English sentence can be formed thus: {subject} + {verb} + {object} Michael + rowed + the boat The [ ... ]

ICAL TEFL Grammar Guide
Subordinate Clauses‏‎ in English Grammar23 Nov 2014 16:06Trinity CertTESOL

A Subordinate or Dependent Clause is a clause that doesn’t make sense fully on its own and always needs an independent clause‏‎ to express a complete thought and make a complete sentence‏‎. These, for example, are subordinate clauses: * Whenever [ ... ]

Sentences
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