Online TEFL Certificate Course - teach English around the world with ICAL

ICAL TEFL Teacher in ClassBecome a certified TEFL teacher with ICAL and you can teach anywhere in the world

Take an ICAL online TEFL certificate:

  • 120hrs accepted worldwide
  • personal tutor for each student
  • no deadlines, work at your own pace
  • $265, with hardcopy certificate, marksheet, & reference letter included & no extras
  • 100% online TEFL training
  • access to our TEFL resources 24/7
  • fast admin support
  • ICAL quality teacher training since 1998


A non-native Teacher at work.Get certified to teach English.

Perhaps you want to teach in your home country. Or maybe you want to travel abroad and teach English around the world?

You need a TEFL course to teach English in many countries and at ICAL we can get you qualified simply, easily and affordably.

Take one of our acclaimed courses and get qualified to teach English as a Second or Foreign language right around the world.

TEFL Courses with you in mind - your key to experiencing new cultures!

The ICAL TEFL Certificate Course (online) - 120 Hours - US$265 (€200 or £155)

Your exciting new adventure starts here. Once you have successfully completed the ICAL TEFL Certificate Course online, you will be qualified to teach English as a second or foreign language.

This qualification will also allow you to explore the world, and enjoy meeting new people. There's no better feeling than a room full of eager students with big smiles, waving to you on your first day as they all shout, "Hello!"

When you take one of our courses you will benefit from:

  • 100% online access 24/7 - you do the course at YOUR pace and not ours!
  • a dedicated personal tutor to guide you all the way - they will simply help you succeed
  • free access to WorkSmart to help you find work

You will also be working with ICAL, one of the oldest providers of online TEFL training in the world - since 1998!


Keep reading for more information about our other TEFL courses and about some key features...

ICAL TEFL Teacher in AsiaOnline TEFL Training and Grammar Certificates

Below you will find all the online TEFL courses we currently offer to students. Your online course has been professionally developed by a group of highly qualified teacher trainers.

Between them, the teacher trainers have many years of experience within the TEFL
industry, which they will hand down to you.

All of the courses are regularly updated ensuring you are learning the most up-to-date teaching practices for your area of study.

Just click on a course below to discover more about our courses:

  1. TEFL Course - 120 hours
  2. TEFL Course with Teaching Practice - 150 hours
  3. Foundation Grammar Certificate
  4. Computer Assisted Language Learning Certificate

Below is a list of our key course features for your convenience:

ICAL TEFL Teacher with Young LearnersYour new TEFL course will feature:

  • A highly qualified, experienced, individual Personal Tutor
  • Student-friendly Materials
  • 24/7 reliable online student services
  • A one-off affordable course fee - absolutely no hidden extras guaranteed!
  • Your graduation papers sent anywhere in the world (hard copy)

In addition to these great features, every TEFL student enjoys free access to our WorkSmart program. Work-Smart helps you find work after graduation - we do not stop supporting you just because your course has finished.

With ICAL, your TEFL course will be smooth running, comprehensive, and great value for money. Open an exciting, new chapter today...


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