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How Many Tenses Are There in English?30 Oct 2014 20:59
How Many Tenses Are There in English?

How many Tenses are there in English? It sounds like a simple question, but, unfortunately, it isn't. This is because different people - including both students and TEFL teachers - have different definitions of what a tense actually is and there is [ ... ]

Tenses & Forms
IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet30 Oct 2014 18:51
IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet

The IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet is an alphabet‏‎ of sounds (not letters). It is used to show how to pronounce words‏‎. Using the IPA in your class is a useful tool to give your students. It will help them understand the pronunciation [ ... ]

Phonetics & Phonology
Proverb Match‏‎ 30 Oct 2014 18:40
Proverb Match‏‎

Proverb Match is a nice, simple way of practicing proverbs. It also allows for plenty of speaking practice. Preparation You will need to prepare a list of proverbs; each one needs to be written on two cards.  Too many cooks   spoil the broth. A [ ... ]

TEFL Lesson Plans, Activities & Ideas
Mind Mapping‏‎ 30 Oct 2014 18:23
Mind Mapping‏‎

Mind Mapping is a powerful technique that allows you to make the best use of your brain power by using a combination of words, pictures, icons or symbols, sounds, colors and any other imagery you see fit into structuring and organizing your ideas together. Mind [ ... ]

TEFL Lesson Plans, Activities & Ideas
Laying Down the Law‏‎ 30 Oct 2014 18:11
Laying Down the Law‏‎

Laying Down the Law is an activity which lets your class practice modal verbs used for permission. Running the Activity Firstly break your class into small groups of 3 or so. Then have each group brainstorm everything that is wrong with their town. [ ... ]

TEFL Lesson Plans, Activities & Ideas
Big Sentence Scramble‏‎ 30 Oct 2014 17:57
Big Sentence Scramble‏‎

Big Sentence Scramble is based on the British television game, Countdown. In the original version contestants choose letters (consonants or vowels) and have to come up with the longest word they can. Although that's a possibility too, in this version contestants [ ... ]

TEFL Lesson Plans, Activities & Ideas
Skimming‏‎ and Scanning in TEFL30 Oct 2014 17:44
Skimming‏‎ and Scanning in TEFL

Skimming and Scanning are two skills which are often talked about in TEFL when it comes to reading. In fact, some teachers swear by them; every reading lesson (they maintain) should include practice with these skills because they feel their students will [ ... ]

Skills
Reading‏‎ Skills in TEFL30 Oct 2014 16:52
Reading‏‎ Skills in TEFL

Reading is one of the four main language skills‏‎ along with writing‏‎, listening‏‎ and speaking‏‎. There are various considerations when you use a text in class. There is the matter firstly of choosing the right text and then of how you [ ... ]

Skills
Teaching English in Italy29 Oct 2014 18:30
Teaching English in Italy

TEFL in Italy Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for TEFL teachers. It offers beautiful landscapes, clean and well presented cities plus almost unrivaled heritage and a wealth of cultural history. Requirements The basic qualifications [ ... ]

Country Guides for Teaching English
Age Limits of English Teachers29 Oct 2014 18:29
Age Limits of English Teachers

This article looks at the age limits for TEFL or TESOL teachers around the world (Teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language). Unfortunately, as with almost any job, the older you get the more difficult it becomes to start a new career. However [ ... ]

TEFL Jobs
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