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ICAL TEFL Course 120hr

100% online TEFL course- take it at your own pace
highly qualified & experienced Personal Tutor for every student
quality feedback & fast turnaround
student-friendly materials
24/7 reliable online student services
affordable course fee - $265 US - £ 155 - € 200 with no extras
your TEFL certificate & papers sent anywhere in the world

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A non-native Teacher at work.

ICAL TEFL Course with Practicum 150hr

100% online TEFL course with Teaching Practice (TP)
120 hrs in-depth approach
30 hrs monitored teaching practice (using videoed lessons)
personal trainer to assess your assignments & teaching practice
work at your own pace
24/7 admin assistance
affordable course fee - $395 US - £ 245 - € 295
your TEFL Certificate with TP papers sent anywhere in the world

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ICAL TEFL Teacher in Asia

 ICAL TEFL Grammar Foundation Course

100% online Grammar Foundation course for TEFL teachers
all areas of English grammar found in the typical classroom covered
simple explanations & easy to follow examples
your own personal tutor to guide you through the course
no previous knowledge required
affordable course fee - $135 US - £ 80 - € 100
hardcopy certificate sent free of charge

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Computer Asssisted Language Learning


100% online CALL Certificate course
thorough intro to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
all latest technologies & techniques covered
CALL personal tutor
affordable course fee - $315 US - £ 200 - € 235
graduation papers sent as hardcopy to any address in the world

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He Said She Said Circle‏‎ - reported speech activi...26 Dec 2014 11:03
He Said She Said Circle‏‎ - reported speech activity

He Said She Said Circle is a simple activity for students to practice their reported speech‏‎ (also known as indirect speech). Ideally you should run this activity after a lesson where students have been working on reported speech. If not, you [ ... ]

Grammar Specific TEFL Activities
ACTDEC26 Dec 2014 10:36

ACTDEC stands for the Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses. It is a limited company which accredits TEFL certificate courses. As of July 2012 they accredit 7 schools with a further 3 schools holding applicant status.1 Status On [ ... ]

Qualifications for TEFL Teachers
Stenhouse Publishers‏‎ 26 Dec 2014 10:21
Stenhouse Publishers‏‎

Stenhouse Publishers started in 1993 with two employees in a one-room attic walk-up in York, Maine. That fall six titles were published. Today, Stenhouse Publishers has a catalogue of more than 200 books and videos. Stenhouse publishes professional development [ ... ]

TEFL Publishers
Heinemann‏‎ 26 Dec 2014 10:19

Heinemann is a publisher of professional development books and resources for teachers, from kindergarten through college. The titles published include books for theatre professionals, general books on education, and quality works of world literature. Heinemann [ ... ]

TEFL Publishers
Pearson ESL‏‎ 26 Dec 2014 10:17
Pearson ESL‏‎

Pearson is an educational publishing house with a comprehensive range of educational programs, in all subjects, for every age and level of student, from preK-12 through higher education and on into professional life. Pearson's businesses and brands include: [ ... ]

TEFL Publishers
Oxford University Press‏‎ 26 Dec 2014 10:15
Oxford University Press‏‎

Oxford University Press or OUP is a publishing house and a department of the University of Oxford in England. It is the largest university press in the world, being larger than all the American university presses combined with Cambridge University Press. It [ ... ]

TEFL Publishers
Cambridge University Press‏‎ 26 Dec 2014 10:11
Cambridge University Press‏‎

Cambridge University Press (known colloquially as CUP) is a publisher given a Royal Charter by Henry VIII in 1534, and one of the two major university presses in the UK (the other being Oxford University Press). It published its first book in 1584, and [ ... ]

TEFL Publishers
What is Collocation‏‎?25 Dec 2014 11:06
What is Collocation‏‎?

The more you use language, the more you realise that certain words tend to hang around together like best friends forever. For example, if you have a decent knowledge of English you can probably guess the missing words here: a foregone _____
_____ New [ ... ]

Linguistics for TEFL Teachers
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