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Connectors‏‎ in English Grammar

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In grammar a Verb Tense is a form of a verb‎ used to indicate roughly the time when the action described by the verb takes place. Here we talk about 3 basic tenses: Past, Present and Future. (Some people talk about more than 3, however.)

Compare this with Verb Form which is the form of a verb in a particular tense, e.g. present simple, present continuous, etc.

For more, see Verb Tenses‏‎ & Forms in English Grammar.

Electric device with lost of connectorsSentence Connectors are words used to link sentences together.

There are several types of connectors. Each one of them is used to express a different relationship between ideas, like:


I was in a hurry and I forgot to take my umbrella.

John is our chauffeur, additionally he works as gardener.

We walked for miles also looking for a pub!

Opposition or Contrast

I love her but I can't stand it when she blows her nose.

Although they had agreed to meet up early in the morning, nobody showed up until 10!

I can understand everything he says in Italian. However, when he speaks fast I do miss a few words.

 Cause and Effect

 Because of her position in the company, Mary could not comment on the CEO's sudden resignations.

Since the bank was willing to help with our mortgage, we asked them for an extra loan.

I won’t be home until very late so don’t wait up for me.


Just as the children's emotions take many forms, so do their ways of expressing them.

The Irish scored 3 tries to 1 and didn't look back. Similarly, New Zealand was only 13-11 ahead at half-time but pulled away in the second half.

I've never been great at DIY like my father was.


 If you look at the pictures of when she was young, you’ll realize how little she has changed.

We will not win this battle unless we remain united.

The hotel could do with a lick of paint and new carpets but otherwise it is pretty comfortable.

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