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Teaching English in Latvia‏‎

© <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/melsitov/' target='_blank'>alex melsitov</a>Generally speaking, the demand for native speakers – with or without qualifications – is increasing in Latvia and the other Baltic States.

However, the economic hardship that still prevails here means that relatively few paid opportunities exist for expatriate teachers. Although ordinary people are very keen to learn English, they cannot afford to pay for a course of English lessons. These countries are desperate to develop economic links with the West yet their economies are not strong enough to attract commercial language schools from the USA and the UK‏‎.

Latvia is no exception and offers very few paid TEFL‏‎ possibilities. However, there are some volunteer opportunities for those who can support themselves and are interested in seeing and understanding the diverse and interesting places that make up this part of the former Soviet Union.

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