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Tips for Teaching Academic Writing to Non-Native Students

book pen

For years, foreign students have been coming to the United States to earn valuable degrees that can translate into a great job in their home country.  However, these students often experience difficulties adapting to the culture and struggle enormously learning even the basic tenets of academic writing. 
Students sometimes get so overwhelmed that they resort to buying their essays online from one of the dozens of sites that…

6 Tips to Make your ESL Classes More Effective


Teaching is undeniably a challenging job, in fact many consider it one of the most difficult careers you could choose. Nevertheless, being a teacher is an enriching experience. Through quality education and effective teaching methodologies, teachers play a crucial role in shaping a bright future for the entire world!

In the world of ESL, a major hindrance that keeps students from reaching their full potential is lack…

Carlo dreamt of visiting Asia, TEFL is going to help him make that trip

Korea TEFL

Before completing your course, what were your aspirations for teaching once you had your TEFL certificate?
In college, I was always very interested in traveling on a budget. One of my plans during college was to always visit Asia. When I researched English programs in Asia I found that Korea would be the perfect match for me.

After deciding where I wanted to teach, I started to do…

Sarah explains how her TEFL certificate was for personal development

Sarah TEFL teacher

Before completing your course, what were your aspirations for teaching once you had your TEFL certificate?

I work as a scientist in Germany and I enjoy the English language quite a bit. That’s how my situation was when I began the ICAL course and that’s now it remains. Through some coworkers and friends, I was asked to help translate a few scientific papers and a thesis and I realized…

English teachers located around the world give their insight into TEFL

The Travelling Tapir TEFL blog

Ever wanted some advice on TEFL teaching? Wanted some help on where to go?

We spoke to a range of experienced TEFL teachers and asked them to provide an insight into their experiences, and also asked them for one piece of advice they wish they had known when they first started out.

And then we created this helpful post and put all of their answers together, in one place…

There are numerous ways you can use a TEFL certificate explains Simona, a recent graduate

TEFL in Italy

Simona is a graduate of the ICAL TEFL 120-hour course. Simona graduated from the course in June 2015 after returning to Italy to teach English privately. Her great insight into how you can use this course to not only benefit yourself, but others as well, will provide some useful advice for those considering becoming a TEFL teacher.
Before completing your course, what were your aspirations for teaching once you had your…

Hear some tips and advice from Samantha: For current TEFL students

Teaching in the USA

Samantha is a previous student of ICAL TEFL on the 120-hour course. Based in USA at the moment, Samantha is looking forward to the future and where she could be using her certificate next …

Before completing your course, what were your aspirations for teaching once you had your TEFL certificate?
My goal in taking this course was to become not just a teacher who speaks English, but a…

How To Use Competition to Motivate Your TEFL Students


Today we have a guest contribution from Victoria Hughes from TEFLicious, which is perhaps the best name for a blog we have come across! Victoria has been a TEFL teacher for 5 years and has lived in Poland, China and Turkey. She writes about job hunting, lesson planning and the joys and frustrations of teaching. So if you enjoy this post, please check out her blog at TEFLicious.com.
Enter Victoria…

The ICAL TEFL Grammar Guide

The ICAL TEFL Grammar Guide is a huge selection of articles which are all about English Grammar. They have been especially written for TEFL teachers and students and are presented in a user-friendly format.

The main areas are:

You can search any grammar item on the ICAL TEFL Grammar Guide by using the Search Box.

For a list of the most recently viewed grammar articles…