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Basic English Grammar (book)‏‎

Students learning English are often described as Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced. Roughly speaking this is their level, i.e. how much English they know, how well they can speak and understand and so on.

For more, see Learner Levels‏ in TEFL.

Beginners are starting out learning English. The might know nothing at in English or they might be able to say a few phrases, give their name and have very simple conversations.

Read more: Beginner Level Students in English.

Author: Betty Schrampfer Azar; Stacy A. Hagen
Publisher: Pearson, Longman
Details: paperback; 3rd Edition; pub. 2005
ISBN: 0131849379


This full student book with audio CD and answer key offers concise, accurate, level-appropriate grammar information with an abundance of exercises, contexts, and classroom activities.

Ideal for non-native speakers of English at true beginner level.

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