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road-signTEFL Schools

A list of notable TEFL schools and chains around the world.

Some are good, some are bad but many offer new TEFL teachers their first taste of teaching abroad.

If you are thinking of teaching abroad, then a chain school or franchise can be the way to go…


Berlitz is the brand name of a well-known chain of English language schools.

From its humble beginnings in Rhode Island in 1878, the company has become a global corporation with both company-owned and franchised locations in more than 70 countries, and revenues of hundreds of millions of US dollars.
What It’s All About
All Berlitz language schools use the “The Berlitz Method”. This teaching method is a natural approach…

Coco Juku

Coco Juku is an English conversation school (eikaiwa) in Japan.

The company was founded in 2012 by Nichii Gakkan, which also owns Gaba Corporation. In April 2012 is opened 6 locations and by October there were 62 locations. They plan to open further locations over the following months.

In line with their opening they have invested heavily in marketing and advertising both for students and teachers.
Interview, Pay…

Disney English‏‎

Disney English is a chain of English schools in China operating under the aegis of the Walt Disney Company in the US. When the first schools opened a number of non-affiliated schools using the Disney name were shut down. The first school opened in Shanghai in 2008 and there are currently 23 schools in all in the country. Disney aims to teach 150,000 children annually by 2015, expanding to 148 schools…

The British Council‏‎

The British Council (BC) is an organisation set up to promote British culture around the world. They have offices in 110 countries and territories and are often a useful source of information on teaching in a particular country. A significant part of their work involves teaching English and many British Council offices have schools attached where they teach English to local people or are involved in teacher training. In some…

Wall Street Institute

The Wall Street Institute is a massive global group of schools. It was founded in Italy‏‎ in 1972 by Luigi Tiziano Peccenini and now operates over 400 schools in 27 countries around the world. WSI are currently owned by Pearson.

They report teaching of 1.5 million students throughout their history and in 2010 posted gross sales of 375 million USD. They have a strong presence in teaching Business English‏‎…