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Hear some tips and advice from Samantha: For current TEFL students

Teaching in the USASamantha is a previous student of ICAL TEFL on the 120-hour course. Based in USA at the moment, Samantha is looking forward to the future and where she could be using her certificate next …

Before completing your course, what were your aspirations for teaching once you had your TEFL certificate?

My goal in taking this course was to become not just a teacher who speaks English, but a confident teacher who knew how to communicate effectively and efficiently with the students. I wanted to learn how to communicate at my student’s pace and see an increase in not only their English level but also their confidence level as a whole. By taking this course I knew that I would have more job opportunities all over the world.

How has your life changed since you completed your TEFL course?

I have become not only more knowledgeable in this area, but I am more confident in my teaching skills. A bonus in taking this course is that I have become more marketable in this booming business.

How are you using your TEFL certificate?

Now that I have finished this course and am now certified, I can teach just about anywhere. I am teaching one on one ESL in the U.S. Next year I hope to be overseas with my TEFL certification and teaching experience on my resume.

For current TEFL students, do you have any tips or advice for once they have completed their TEFL course?

I believe it takes more than just knowing the subject matter to become an excellent teacher it takes dedication, quality work, and a love to see students obtain and or increase knowledge. I told myself to always give my 100% in my module work for what I give out now is a view of what kind of work I will give out as a teacher. My main goal is to be the best teacher that I can be. If you stay focused on your goal you can get yourself through some of those long modules.

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