ical TEFL computer assisted language learning courseical TEFL computer assisted language learning course

Computer Assisted Language
Learning Course

The ICAL CALL Certificate Course is the first of its kind – a thorough introduction to CALL – Computer Assisted Language Learning.

This ICAL course will teach you:

  • how to use computers/tablets/smartphone in your TEFL classroom
  • how to save money on teaching software
  • how to harness the internet to give your students what they need
  • what the best software/apps are for teaching English
  • and much more!

The course takes you from the very basics of what CALL is to an in-depth look at how to set up a language lab, which software to use and how you can make the most of the internet to wire your class.

The course also features plenty of sound CALL activities and exercises as well as your own personal CALL tutor who will guide you through the material and the course.

Course Highlights:

  • the course assumes minimal knowledge of computing (you just have to know how to use the internet and email)
  • 5 modules covering everything you need to know, from setting up a CALL classroom to how to make the most of computer games to let your students learn while they play
  • everything is explained simply and clearly starting from zero
  • your own personal tutor to help you every step of the way
  • course material revised and updated yearly

To take this course you will need to have an internet connection and will be expected to download and use new programs (n.b. your tutor will be able to help you with this, if required). All the material and software you need will be supplied or is available freely online. There are no extra costs for this course (or any other ICAL course!).

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Computer Assisted Language
Learning Certificate Course

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