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© <a href='http://www.flickr.com/eole/' target='_blank'>Éole</a>We have highly qualified and experienced tutors working at ICAL on an ongoing basis. When you take one of our courses you will be able to choose one of them to have as your own personal tutor throughout the course.

If there’s a point you want clarified, or a question you need help with, your personal tutor is there for you.

And the relationship with your tutor goes further as well. If you want advice about looking for work or need to ask a question about teaching English to someone who has been there and done it, and literally written the book… then your personal tutor is the one to ask!

All ICAL tutors are highly qualified and experienced teacher trainers who have…

  • a second degree (MA or equivalent) in English or other relevant field
  • a higher TESL/TEFL qualification (or equivalent)
  • several years experience as an ESL/EFL teacher
  • relevant teacher training experience and qualifications
  • a friendly, helpful attitude!

In addition, our tutors are all native English speakers – American, British, Australian and so on.

We are rightfully proud of the tutors working with us; each one is not only knowledgeable but also friendly, approachable and ready to help whenever you ask.



Here are a few key notes on some of our ICAL Tutors. More on their bios is available to students with access to the ICAL Student Center.

Stephany Jones, M.Ed. – Stephany is a British teacher trainer and materials writer. She taught for many years in various countries around the world spending several years in Australia and Switzerland. She now spends most of her time writing materials for various language courses and has contributed much of the material in the ICAL Grammar Foundation Course. ICAL TEFLRon Bradley, MA TESOL & Certified ESL Teacher Trainer – After many years teaching EFL in Japan, Mexico and Korea, Ron now works as teacher trainer and trainer of trainers for various organizations and has trained teachers in Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Algeria, as well as in many locations in the US.
ICAL TEFLKate Rebour, MA TEFL – Kate is a British TEFL Teacher currently based in France, where she has lived and worked in the field of TEFL for 20 years. She has taught English to a wide variety of adult learners, and more recently she has been focussing on one-to-one lessons, designing tailor-made courses that match both the language needs and interests of the learners. ICAL TEFLJenny Hardcare, MA Linguistics – Jenny is a British university lecturer, EFL teacher and teacher trainer. She has worked in language schools in Turkey, Greece and Spain. As a British Council lector she taught in universities in The Soviet Union (Uzbekistan) and Yugoslavia.
Roger Stewart, M.Ed. – Roger is a British Teacher Trainer & Language Consultant. He is also involved with multimedia language development projects. His teaching and TEFL consulting work took him around Europe for over 10 years. He now divides his time between Greece and Italy. ICAL TEFLJay Schwartz, M-EdPsy – originally from Florida, Jay now lives and works in Greece. Aside from teaching he also contributes to various EFL related publications and conducts professional and commercial seminars for TEFL publishers. He is an active member of TESOL Greece as well as a current supervisor and former board member of TESOL Macedonia-Thrace.
ICAL TEFLScott Ward, M.Ed. TESOL – Scott is an American EFL teacher and teacher trainer, with many years experience in South East Asia. He is a Senior EFL lecturer at Rajabaht University, Thailand. He is also actively involved in teacher training programs in Korea and Thailand within the countries’ Child Development, Continuing Education and English Education departments. ICAL TutorLiam Twohig, MA (ELT) – Liam has taught ESL in South Korea and Ireland. He now works as an ESL instructor and teacher trainer in Ireland. His experience includes teaching conversational English, business English, IELTS, FCE, CAE, as well as teacher training.
ICAL TEFL Larry Jarocki, MA (Applied Linguistics) – Larry has been working as an ESL teacher and teacher trainer throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union (including occasional forays into the Caucuses and Central Asia). He has recently returned to the US where he continues to work as an ESL instructor and teacher trainer. ICAL TEFLAndrea Word-Allbritton, M.A. (Applied Linguistics) – Andrea has been teaching since the early 1990s at public and private American universities. She is currently teaching upper-division and graduate-level TESOL courses at a research university in the southeastern U.S.
ICAL TEFLMiri Yochanna, MA TESOL – Miri is a Canadian/Israeli who has been working in the EFL field for the past 20 years in Israel. She is in charge of the development of English testing material at the Center for Educational Technology in Israel, heading up the English division in the Evaluation Dept. She also teaches various specialized courses at Hakibbutzim College of Education in Tel Aviv. 

ICAL TEFLEllen Bradley, MA TESOL & Certified ESL Teacher Trainer – Ellen is an American teacher trainer who has been in the foreign language and ESL teaching profession for over thirty years. She has traveled extensively in Europe, as well as parts of Asia and Central America. Recently she co-trained on a US State Department program a group of Turkish teacher trainers selected to train 48,000 teachers in Turkey.

ICAL TEFLSheila Corwin, MA TESOL – Sheila began her career as an ESL teacher for an intensive language program in California. She then moved to Florence, Italy, where she taught for a private language school. In 2004, Sheila took a position as an English language university professor in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. At the end of her contract in Mexico, Sheila returned to California to pursue her MA degree in TESOL. In 2007 she returned to Italy where she has been working as an English teacher trainer and living happily ever since.

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