Implementing the Lexical Approach (book)‏‎

Author: Michael Lewis
Publisher: EMEA British English
Details: Paperback; 176 pages; Pub.1997
ISBN: 1899396608

The subtitle reads “Putting Theory into Practice” which says it all. The book describes how the Lexical Approach works in the classroom and develops the theoretical position set out in Michael Lewis' The Lexical Approach (book). It shows clearly how lexis, grammar and phonology interact in ways which directly affect how learners store new language.

Comprehensive, step by step classroom changes that can ensure more effective teaching and more efficient learning are provided along with detailed discussions on the importance of noticing, the value of repeating tasks, and the design of lexical exercises.

Also included are 30 sample exercise types, 50 activities with their lexical focus explained, and classroom reports from teachers already using the approach successfully.

Implementing the Lexical Approach is well written, exciting and, most of all, challenging. It will get you to seriously (re)consider what is important in foreign language learning and teaching.

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