Teaching English Abroad (book)‏‎

Author: Susan Griffith
Publisher: Vacation Work Publications
Details: paperback, 576 pages; 8th Edition pub. 2010
ISBN: 1854583522

Griffith's book is a reference source for British or Britain-based teachers who are looking to embark on an EFL teaching career in Western Europe.

Although when it was first produced it was well received, in recent years the book has become increasingly outdated due to the internet and has come in for some criticism regarding its content which is often full of advertisements.

The book includes a list of schools and contact details, a number of which are out of date. Some of the schools also have a bad reputation amongst teachers and are still included.

Likewise, criticism is levelled at some of the providers of TEFL qualifications which are promoted in the book, including some questionable accreditation agencies.


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