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"Incapable & Unfit" English Teachers

A school bus stuck on a railway crossing.The Malaysian Education minister recently revealed that two-thirds of the English teachers in the country were either "incapable" or "unfit" to teach in schools.

Following the revelation there's been a lot of soul searching in the country as to where the blame lies and what can be done about it.

An editorial blog by our Asian TEFL expert, Judy Kim.


The ICAL TEFL Site Mobile

Apple II with ICALThe ICAL TEFL site is popular, no doubt about it, with thousands of visitors each day. But we did start to accumulate some criticism.

It wasn't about the content but about the design. You see that looking at the site on a modern desktop computer everyone was pretty happy: it was clear and easy to read and the information was there for the reading.

But on a mobile phone things were different. Text was squashed, pictures were huge and overflowing and generally it looked pretty poor. On a tablet it was ok... depending on the tablet. And on an Apple II (circa 1979) it just couldn't be done.


Bad Reporting of the Day: All Commas will Die!

Well that escalated quickly.A professor of comparative English at Columbia university said that commas should be abolished. He said we should get rid of them and no one would care. He says we should kill them. Destroy them. Take each one and murder it in cold blood.

And the reaction? Pages of internet newsprint devoted to the story and angry responses from members of the public leading to personal attacks on the man.


Apostrophes Return to Cambridge

Scholars Walk road signEarlier in the year we reported on how Cambridge city council in the UK had decided not to use apostrophes in street signs and how examiners for Cambridge Assessment (the ones who do all the TEFL exams) had supported this idea.

It was, of course, ridiculous of them to do so.


The Lifespan of Words in English

Man with a lifespan chart.Did you know that even words have a life span? This ranges from 1,000 years to 20,000 years.

A word like "throw" is expected to have a lifespan of about 1,000 years, while words like "I" and "who" are likely to reach the 20,000 year mark.


Student for a Day

Man in a school uniform.What an excellent idea this is!

I came across this blog article the other day on how several teachers in Vermont, USA, spent the day as students in their school. As it says on the tin, they simply went into school as students instead of teachers and spent the day sitting in class listening, queueing for lunch, hanging around lockers, smoking in the toilets (well, maybe not that last one) and doing all the things students do.


A First Time English Teacher in Italy

People jumping in the air in GoriziaLiving in Italy had been my dream for years, but I never wanted to go down the usual trodden paths – Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Naples. Instead I really wanted to experience the Italian lifestyle far from the madding (and maddening!) crowd, and in less glamorous areas. So after finishing my TEFL Certificate course I jumped at the opportunity a small English school gave me in Gorizia, North East Italy.