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Get Ripped Off to teach in North Korea

You may have seen the ad in today's press: Kim Il SungNorth Korea has decided it needs to exploit some naive TEFL teachers and has advertised for them to work in the country and teach tour guides how to speak to the hordes of visitors the country is expecting sometime in the future.


Who Reads Anymore?

Couch potatingI have a teaching friend in Italy who has spent every Saturday for the past few years working in a bookshop. She tells me that her hours have been cut recently simply because no one is reading books anymore.

"Once upon a time the shop would employ seven full time staff. Now it's down to two. I'm just there on Saturdays to help out but I spend most of my time tidying the place up. We sell more guide books to tourists than anything else."


Language is Dying Out and this Infographic is Proof

Languages We're LosingThe statistics are frightening.

Language is dying out and this infographic proves it.

In less than 100 years at least 50% of the word's languages will have disappeared and some linguists estimate that almost 90% of the world's languages will have died out by then.


How My Teacher Saved My Teaching

Pablo PicassoMy first term teaching was a disaster. It was many years ago but I remember it vividly as painful, awkward, and at times, frightening.

I was in tears after some lessons and more than once I had to hide myself in the staff toilets to try and compose myself before walking into the next lesson.

And now, with the end of term in sight, I was ready to chuck it all in and give up teaching for good.


Where have You Taught English?

The Taj Mahal, IndiaAnyone who has taught English abroad knows that TEFL is a fantastic way to travel and experience life in different countries.

I started teaching three weeks after I graduated and began an incredible journey which has seen me working in Spain, Italy, Thailand, India, Tunisia, Mexico and the UK with a deluge of experiences most people can't even imagine.

Anyone who has taught English abroad knows that this is what happens...


YouGov, Accents, and Misleading the Public

An inaccurate map of British AccentsAnd the Ugliest British Accent is...

It's raging through the British press: the ugliest accents in the UK are Scouse, the whining, whinge from Liverpool and the blocked nasal drone of Brummie from Birmingham!

And then, barely raising a surprised eyebrow, at the top of the scale with the most attractive accent is the soft, gentle lilt of Southern Ireland.

It's all utter baloney of course but the papers won't tell you that...


IATEFL & the Accreditation Scam

Harverd TEFL CertificateWe had an enquirer write to us the other day asking about our accreditation and IATFEL.

He could not decide which TEFL course to take: ours or another one. And one of the factors which worried him was that the other TEFL course was "accredited" by IATEFL.

Now you'll notice I put "accreditation" in inverted commas. I did that quite simply because it was a scam. And here's why...