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ICAL TEFLThe ICAL online TEFL Certificate Course

Our online TEFL course is ideal if you want to teach English around the world. Wherever you want to teach, in whichever country, you'll find the ICAL TEFL certification course is respected and recognized.

It's completely online and flexible so you can complete it at your own pace.

It is the essential qualification for teachers of English as a Second or Foreign language and with your recognized ICAL TEFL certificate you can find work in language schools right around the world.

Here is the basic information about the ICAL TEFL course:

  • worth 120 hours

  • your own personal TEFL tutor to guide you through the course

  • 100% online

  • $265 all inclusive (materials, printed certificate, reference letter, marksheet) and no hidden extras

  • free access to WorkSmart to help you find work

  • TESOL/TEFL equivalent; our TEFL certification is identical to TESOL certification

You can read more about the course below or to register right now for our online TEFL course, simply click here:

Certificate Course

Need more information? Below we've answered the most common questions we get from prospective students.

More on the ICAL TEFL Certificate Course

Quite simply when you take the ICAL online TEFL Certificate Course you'll learn all you need to become a successful English language teacher.

Amongst other things you'll learn:

  • how to teach English effectively
  • how to prepare a great lesson that your students will find both useful and interesting
  • how to teach grammar to your students
  • how to manage your class effectively & how to create a friendly classroom environment
  • how to deal with students
  • how to create engaging activities for the class
  • how to motivate your students and get the most from them
  • ...and so much more!

We'll help you understand what it means to be an English teacher and make a real difference. We'll also be with you after you graduate to help you find work, to check your contract, to advise you in dealing with schools, to help you settle into your new school, and give you the best possible help and advice when you start teaching - all at no extra cost!

Your own Personal Tutor & Help

Above all, you'll have your very own personal tutor when you take an ICAL course. They are there to help explain the material with you whenever you need it.

They will answer your questions about teaching and about English. And they will give you solid, practical advice on being an English teacher.

Our personal tutors have years of experience and they are more than happy passing on that knowledge to new teachers when they need it.

Plus of course you'll have full access to thousands of expert articles on every single aspect of TEFL that you can imagine.

And this is all included in the course fee. There are no hidden extras with ICAL.

Is the course internationally accepted?

Yes it is.

You want to be sure the certificate you get will help you find work. Here at ICAL we have graduates working all over the world with our qualifications so this isn't an issue.

We've been running this course since 1998 and it was the very first fully online TEFL certificate course.

We now have many thousands of graduates living and teaching in every corner of the globe and working in everything from small one-room schools to large university campuses.

If you are serious about TEFL and teaching abroad then it's no use taking a short "weekend" course or a "taster" course because schools just won't accept them as a proper qualification.

Instead you'll find that when it comes to finding work, most schools ask for a certificate that is worth 120 hours - just like the ICAL TEFL Certificate is.

How long will I take to complete the course?

Learning happens best when you - the student - set your own pace.

Because our course is 100% online you can work at your own pace - we follow your schedule, you don't follow ours.

This means you can take as long - or as little - as you need to complete the course.

If you have plenty of free time and can devote yourself to the course you can complete it in just a couple of weeks. One student worked hard and finished the course and graduated in just 2 weeks.

But if you're working in another job... or you're at college full time... or maybe you have a busy lifestyle... well in that case you can have all the time you need to complete the course.

Remember, we don't set time limits and make you work to our timetable.

What will I learn?

Our TEFL course has been created and developed by experienced TEFL teachers over the past 15 years.

Every year we thoroughly review the material and make sure it's up-to-date so you receive the latest information, and best practices, for teaching English around the world.

You will be prepared for any English teaching situation during your time with us. Together, you will gain a solid understanding of the principles behind teaching English as a foreign, or second, language.

Not only that, but you will also gain a wealth of practical ideas on how to make any lesson a fruitful and enjoyable experience for your future students, and yourself.

For more on this, see the full certificate course syllabus here.

Isn't this kind of training expensive?

Not with ICAL. As you will be distance learning online, our overheads are significantly reduced. ICAL passes this saving on to our valued students. What you will receive is a full course for a fraction of the normal price - saving you money with better training.

In addition to the great savings you will enjoy, you will also receive, for free:

  • Your ICAL TEFL Course Certificate
  • Your reference letter - written by your personal tutor
  • Your mark sheet

Everything you will need to successfully complete your TEFL course is included in our affordable fee...

The TEFL Course is only US$265, €200, £155 - inclusive. Order now...

Certificate Course

For other methods of payment, please see here.

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