ICAL TEFL/TESOL Certificate Course 150hrs online with Teaching Practice

Are you already teaching English?
Do you want to qualify to teach English?

This course is worth 150 hours and it is generally for teachers who are already working in a school and who wish to gain a first qualification in the subject.

The course will help you to consolidate your current knowledge and bring new ideas and fresh methodologies into your classroom as well as adding to your teaching credentials.

Along with the course assignments we will also assess your teaching through video and give you useful, practical and insightful feedback to make your teaching better.


"I learned so much! Even though I was already teaching your course really made a difference and the comments from my personal tutor made me a much better and more confident teacher. Thank you!" - Sue, an ICAL graduate who took the course when she was teaching in Hong Kong.


Is This Course for Me?

This course is ideal for you if:

  • you are already teaching but do not have a good teaching qualification under your belt yet
  • you are already working in a school teaching English
  • you want to improve the way you teach

We have many experienced TEFL/TESOL teachers who have taken this course to refresh their methodology and benefit from the experience and knowledge of their TP personal tutor.

Please note that in order to take this course you will need to be able to video at least 3 of your lessons with the class you are currently teaching in the school where you are working. If this is not your current situation then the ideal course for you is the ICAL 120hrs TEFL / TESOL Certificate course, to which the TP element can be added at a later date, if required.

TEFL/TESOL Cert. Course
with Teaching Practice

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