ICAL TEFL Course 150hr with Practicum

If you are already working in a school and wish to gain a first qualification in TEFL this course is for you.

Also ideal for any teacher with some TEFL/TESOL experience who wants to refresh their methodology and improve their techniques.

Consolidate your current knowledge and bring new ideas and fresh methodologies into your classroom.
Add to your teaching credentials with this solid 150hr certification course.
Fully online & TESOL equivalent.
Practicum - Teaching Practice assessed through videoed lessons, which can be submitted online.
Useful, practical and insightful feedback from an experienced Personal Tutor.
Your lessons assessed by a professional teacher trainer, who will advise you on how you are doing and what can be improved.
One all inclusive fee, no hidden extras: $395 US | £245 | €295

"I learned so much! Even though I was already teaching your course really made a difference and the comments from my personal tutor made me a much better and more confident teacher. Thank you!" - Sue, an ICAL graduate who took the course when she was teaching in Hong Kong.

TEFL/TESOL Cert. Course
with Teaching Practice

For more course details see: ICAL TEFL Course 150hr with Practicum - Details

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