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A modern libraryFree ICAL TEFL Resources for all TEFL/TESOL Professionals

The last thing you want to be doing is to be searching for hours for the TEFL
resources you need whilst studying your new TEFL course or teaching in a school.

At ICAL, we have made it easy for you to quickly find the information you need with our free TEFL Resource Library.

Here you will find thousands of articles about TEFL - all designed to be practical and of immediate help.

Search the ICAL TEFL Resources

You can search using the search box (on top right of every page) for any of our 1,500+ articles - written by our experts - on all aspects of teaching English as a foreign, or second, language.

Just type in the keyword(s) for the information you require and hit Go. You will be presented with a list of articles containing your keywords to search through. It's that simple!

Finally, at the bottom of each article you'll also see tags. Click on these to find similar articles.

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