Our 120 hour TEFL is ideal for people who want to start working as a TEFL teacher. You will gain everything you need to qualify as a TEFL teacher, including an internationally recognised TEFL certificate.

This Course at a Glance

  • Internationally Recognised TEFL Certificate
  • Full Support From Your Own Personal Tutor
  • 120 Hours Of TEFL Tuition & Training
  • Also Equivalent To A TESOL Certificate
  • Everything You Need To Start Working As A TEFL Teacher
  • Full Job Search Support For Graduates
  • Study At Your Own Pace
  • Qualify In As Little As 4 Weeks

You will be working with your Personal Tutor who will guide you through the course and help you achieve the best results you can.

You will not only gain your TEFL certification (and qualify to teach English overseas) but you will also learn how to be a great teacher and as a result will enjoy the experience so much more.

The 120 hour TEFL course covers all teaching skills & scenarios and the no-nonsense approach makes it immediately applicable and highly relevant for new and experienced teachers alike.

Learn More About This Course

The 120 hour Online TEFL Certification course is a serious, practical and comprehensive introduction to all the essential elements of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). It is designed to not only qualify you, but prepare you for a job as a TEFL teacher.

Overall The Course Will:

  • Prepare you for any English teaching situation
  • Give you a solid understanding of the principles behind TEFL Teaching
  • Give you a wealth of practical ideas for lesson planning
  • Teach you to create fruitful & enjoyable lessons for you & your students

The course involves all aspects of TEFL including needs analysis, syllabus design, lesson planning, classroom management, strategies in language learning, teaching methods, testing & error correction and so on. In other words, it covers everything you need to know…

The material used in our TEFL course is in line with the current linguistic theories and reflects common teaching practice among professional teachers. The course covers all areas a prospective teacher should be aware of.

Summary & TEFL Course Highlights

Each module consists of reading material which includes plenty of examples and explanations, and spot checks to make sure important ideas and concepts are understood well. At the end of each module there is an assignment. This is written and sent to your personal tutor for grading and comments.

Our TEFL course has been created and developed by experienced TEFL teachers over the past 16 years. They combined their theoretical background in linguistics and English grammar with their direct experience of teaching in the class to produce a practical, user-friendly, course for new teachers.

Every year we thoroughly review the course material and make sure that it is up-to-date so you receive the latest information and best practices, for teaching English around the world.

What Will This TEFL Course Teach Me?

Quite simply with this course you’ll learn all you need to gain your TEFL certification and to become a successful English language teacher, whether you plan to teach overseas or in your home country.

Among other things you’ll learn:

  • How to teach English effectively
  • How to teach grammar to your students
  • How to prepare a great lesson that your students will find useful & interesting
  • How to manage your class effectively & create a friendly classroom environment
  • How to deal with all types of students, including unruly ones
  • How to create engaging activities for the class
  • How to motivate your students and get the most from them
  • …and so much more!

We’ll help you understand what it means to be an English teacher and will prepare you for any English teaching situation.

We will also help you to understand the needs of your students and the challenges that come with learning English when it is not your first language.

By the end of the course you will have gained a solid understanding of the principles behind teaching English as a foreign, or second, language.

You will also have gained a wealth of practical ideas on how to make your lesson fun, effective and methodologically sound.

Full Support From Your Own Personal Tutor

At ICAL TEFL we were the first providers of online TEFL courses to give personal tutors to every single student at no extra charge.

Your tutor is an integral part of the course and is there exactly to help you achieve the best results you can achieve.

They will not only help you with your coursework but they will also answer your questions about teaching and about English. And they will give you solid, practical advice on being an English teacher.

Our personal tutors have years of experience and are more than happy passing on that knowledge to new teachers when they need it.

Plus of course you’ll have full access to the ICAL TEFL Resources, a wealth of up-to-date information on every single aspect of TEFL that you can imagine.

Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificates

We have been providing quality online TEFL training since 1998 and we have successful ICAL graduates around the world.

We constantly receive positive feedback from our past students who have found employment in language schools all over the world, not only in the private sector but also in public schools.

We feel that this is the strongest possible confirmation that our TEFL Certificates are extremely well recognized and accepted all over the world…

We Value Every Single Graduate

The many thousands of ICAL graduates who live and teach in every corner of the globe working in everything from small one-room schools to large university campuses are the best testament to the value of our online TEFL certification programs.

If you are serious about TEFL and teaching abroad then it’s no use taking a short “weekend” course or a “taster” course because schools just won’t accept them as a proper qualification.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Learning happens best when you – the student – set your own pace.

Because our course is 100% online you can work at your own pace – we follow your schedule, you don’t follow ours. This means you can take as long – or as little – as you need to complete the course.

If you have plenty of free time and can devote yourself to the course you can complete it in just a couple of weeks. We have had highly motivated students on a tight deadline who managed to finish the course and graduate in just over 2 weeks.

But if you’re working in another job… or you’re at college full time… or maybe you have a busy lifestyle… well in that case you can take all the time you need to complete the course.

Remember, we don’t set time limits and make you work to our timetable. You are in charge of your own schedule.

Save Money By Learning Online

As you will be distance learning online, our overheads are significantly reduced. At ICAL TEFL we have made it our policy to pass this saving on to our valued students. What you will receive is a full course for a fraction of the normal price – we save you money without compromising on quality.

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