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Korea to Cut English Lessons

The Education Ministry in Korea wants to reduce the number of English language lessons in state schools by 30% within the next couple of years.

The ministry claim that the current workload for school students is just too much and wants to reduce it with English lessons being their main target along with Korean and Math. However, the plan is drawing a lot of criticism from educators and businesspeople…

Get Ripped Off to teach in North Korea

You may have seen the ad in today’s press: North Korea has decided it needs to exploit some naive TEFL teachers to work in the country and teach tour guides how to speak to the hordes of visitors the country is expecting sometime in the future.

For this they approached Juche Travel Services (JTS) in the UK who are promoting the idea for them. However, despite insisting…

Korean Students Unhappy with English Classes

Almost 70% of Korean high school students are unhappy with their English lessons, according to the results of a new survey.

They typically say that what they are being taught is not what they need to learn and that they are leaving school without the essential tools to engage in the international sphere.

The study asked almost 1,000 students about their English lessons and the results…

Teaching English in Korea

Korea is an East Asian territory that is divided into two distinct and very different countries: North Korea & South Korea. Both sit on the Korean Peninsula.

There are many, many thousands of English teachers working in South Korea. Although they are mainly American, you can find many different nationalities here. In general you’ll need a degree and a good TEFL Certificate to teach in the south…

Korea, People, Racism

Korea is a unique country that has a lot of offer. But one thing the country does lack is diversity. As a result, you feel isolated, belittled and often times, hated as a foreigner. Especially a black foreigner…
We’d like to welcome Tate Nanje as a guest author of the ICAL Blog.Originally from Cameroon, Tate grew up in the USA and first worked in Korea as teacher in…

Teaching English in South Korea

There is a high demand for English teachers in South Korea and it is a popular destination for teachers from right around the world.
According to figures from 2011, almost 15,500 foreign English teachers were working in South Korea with about 10% of these being of Korean decent (mostly Korean-Americans).
Qualified English native speakers are required not only for EFL‏‎ classes but also to teach subjects like Maths, Science, English Literature…