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Racist TEFL Church Ad for teachers in Hong Kong

A church school in Hong Kong has come under fire after posting an advert asking specifically for a “Caucasian” English teacher in their school.

The blatantly racist ad was pulled after a barrage of criticism was directed towards the church school who beat a hasty retreat with an “apology” which seemed half-hearted at best.

They said the ad has been removed and then clarified they were…

Chinese Whispers: Offensive or Not?

We have a TEFL teaching activity on our site called Chinese Whispers or Telephone.

Some say it’s a demeaning and offensive title, if not outright racist. Others say it’s fine and that it’s ridiculous to question it.

So opinion is divided which means, of course, that we need to ask the question outright and try and find an answer for sure: Is the name Chinese Whispers…

Irish teacher denied job in Korea due to “Irish Alcoholism”

Are you a well qualified English teacher? Great. Are you Irish? Not so great. You must be an alcoholic.

An experienced English teacher has been denied a job in Seoul simply because she was Irish and the school decided that all Irish people are alcoholics.

Katie Mulrennan (26) is an English teacher from Ireland with 3 years experience teaching English abroad in Spain, the UK and…

Korea, People, Racism

Korea is a unique country that has a lot of offer. But one thing the country does lack is diversity. As a result, you feel isolated, belittled and often times, hated as a foreigner. Especially a black foreigner…
We’d like to welcome Tate Nanje as a guest author of the ICAL Blog.Originally from Cameroon, Tate grew up in the USA and first worked in Korea as teacher in…

Racism in TEFL

Racism in Teaching English does occur to a greater or lesser extent in most countries.

This article looks at racism in TEFL‏‎ outside English speaking countries; this is where it is most prevalent.
Reactions to Foreigners

In many countries foreigners can be the source of interest and speculation and this applies to any new face, regardless of color. This kind of interest can happen in any…