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Teaching English in Albania‏‎

To read about working here, see Teaching English in Albania.

To read about working here, see Teaching English in Europe.

When a student learns English‏‎ in order to live and work in an English speaking country we say they are learning English as a Second Language. Compare this to someone who does not live in an English speaking country but learns the language to do business in another country; they learn English as a Foreign Language.

For more see Foreign Language‏‎ and Second Language.

The EU or European Union is a collection of European countries; easy for British and Irish teachers to work there, more difficult for those without an EU passport.

For more, see Teaching English in the European Union‏‎.

EFL is an acronym we use to talk about English as a Foreign Language. EFL students usually live in non English speaking countries and want to learn English mainly to use it on their travels or business trips abroad and to communicate with English speaking visitors to their country, etc.

For more, see EFL‏‎ - English as a Foreign Language.

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Simply put, this is usually used to talk about teaching English to people who live in a non-English speaking country and who want to learn English for business or to take an exam, etc.

It is pretty much equivalent to TESOL and TESL.

For more, see TEFL‏‎ - Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Albania is a small country in southeastern Europe struggling to overcome more than 40 years of almost complete isolation. With its chronic unemployment, poor social services and impoverishment it is quite poor by European standards.

The current population of Albania is estimated at 3.5 million, with as many as 700,000 living in Tirana, the capital. Traditionally, Albania has been about 70 percent Muslim, 20 percent Albanian Orthodox (predominantly in the south), and 10 percent Catholic (predominantly in the north).

English in Albania

Albanians are eager to learn English to begin to participate more fully in the world community. English and other western languages are taught in public schools from an early age, but the teaching and learning conditions are very challenging. Skilled English teachers have left their profession for higher paying jobs and the government has few resources to maintain schools and provide materials. The demand for English education far outstrips the ability of the school system to supply it.

In this climate, lots of jobs for ESL teachers are available but due to the relatively poor conditions and low pay this is a country that would suit best those in search of volunteering opportunities.

In recent times Albania has made moves to join the European Union. This will only increase the need for English in schools and the need for teachers is expected to rise.


Volunteers can find work teaching English as a foreign language to Albanian students as part of a regular secondary school program, but also work with students and teachers outside the classroom to help them improve their abilities to communicate in English. They can also participate in English summer camps, produce English radio programs, coach debate clubs, contribute to newspapers, and create English language materials.

Education volunteers serving as teachers of English in Albania are always in demand. If you are interested try and contact the Peace Corps.

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