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The ICAL Student Center

The ICAL Student Center or ISC is the home for each student taking an ICAL course. It is not only a virtual classroom and library, but also a place to meet and interact with other students.

As soon as you register in an ICAL course you are given a unique ID number and password which allow you to access the ISC and take advantage of all the facilities there.

On an educational level the ISC allows you to:

  • Read and download the course material
  • Send the course assignments to your tutor & receive feedback
  • Keep track of your progress on the course and check your grades, etc.
  • Access the help files for each course module as well as other useful information about your course
  • Discuss with other students aspects of the course on the forum

On a more personal level the ISC is also a mini social-networking site devoted to ICAL students and teachers. Here you can meet other students near you, “friend” others and interact with them. You can join groups, upload photos and videos and use the environment as a closed Facebook type area – it is not viewable by the general public so you can chat away happily with others in a safe and friendly atmosphere, knowing that your privacy will always be respected.

Current Students

Current students can log into the ISC here.

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