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UK Relaxes Rules For ESL Immigration

Following a U-turn in UK immigration laws it will now be considerably easier for foreign students and workers to come to the UK.

The previously strict rules surrounding immigration were highlighted recently with the case of Jilda Clark, a Turkish national whose application to move to the UK with her family was rejected due to alleged insufficient evidence of English language skills despite having worked as an English teacher in Turkey for over a decade.

Mrs Clark’s application has since been accepted due to the new law change which allows prospective immigrants to enter the UK on a visitor visa for 30 days and within this time to enrol on an English language course which may allow them to extend their stay. The law will come into effect in October 2013.

This decision has largely been brought on from economical concern; many educational centres have had to turn away between 10% and 70% of prospective students who were otherwise adequately qualified but for lack of an official English language certification.

Given the extremely high tuition fees facing foreign students in the UK this new change in the law amounts to a considerable gain for educational study and research nationwide; furthermore those coming to the UK on business will now be able to take a Business English course in the initial days of their stay preparing them to speak sufficient English to be able to continue living in the country.

It is estimated that the new law could boost the English Language Teaching industry in the UK by £9 million which would greatly benefit both those who are qualified to teach speak and conduct studies and business in English and also those who have still to grasp the basics of survival English in the UK and who could benefit from fellow expats who are or have been in a similar position.

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