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ICAL TEFL is one of the earliest providers of online TEFL certification courses. We have over 20,000 happy graduates, many of whom are now enjoying fulfilling careers teaching English all over the world. All of our courses are fully supported by professional tutors and our graduates have excellent career prospects once they have qualified.

Qualify To Become A TEFL Teacher

When you sign up you will get all of the learning resources and support (including a personal tutor) that you need to complete the course and qualify as a TEFL teacher. Being TEFL certified is the minimum requirement to begin a job as a TEFL teacher so getting the right certification is your first step towards your goal.

120 Hour Online TEFL Certification Course

Our 120 hour TEFL course includes everything you need to qualify as a TEFL teacher. This course will not only qualify you but it will also fully prepare you for the job. young_ical_tefl_graduate
  • Quality teacher training
  • Everything you need to start teaching
  • 100% online TEFL course
  • Full support from Personal Tutor
  • No course pre-requisites
  • No hidden extras
  • Graduation papers sent in electronic format
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$265.00 all inclusive

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Improve Your TEFL Career Prospects

Aside from our TEFL certification courses we also offer courses which are designed to help you become a better teacher. These courses on their own will not qualify as a TEFL teacher, but they will help you better understand TEFL practices and requirements, giving you an all-round approach to teaching. They will also improve your employability, which is particularly helpful if you hope to work in more competitive places, such as Japan or central Europe.

Grammar Foundation Course – For TEFL Teachers

Our grammar foundation course will improve your teaching by giving you an in depth understanding of English grammar and explain why the English language is structured as it is. ical_male teacher_helping_pupils_with_homework
  • Improve your understanding of English
  • Learn how to explain grammar simply & effectively
  • Learn about Verbs, Nouns & Adjectives
  • Tenses & Sentence structure
  • Become a more confident TEFL teacher
  • Improve your employability
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$130.00 all inclusive

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ICAL Past Graduates

We are very proud of all of our graduates and all of the amazing things that they have achieved with their TEFL certificates. From travelling the world far and wide and working in incredible places, to teaching adults and children in their own country. The possibilities are endless.
This course broadened my perspectives about teaching English and I’m currently feeling even more ready for my upcoming classes. It was motivating, interesting and always inspiring! Ciro