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Read all about ICAL TEFL – where we came from, what our mission is and, most importantly, how we can help you.

Accreditation & Recognition for TEFL Courses

Despite what some providers claim, there is NO independent international accrediting body for TEFL Certificates.

Likewise, there is NO independent international accrediting body for schools which offer courses online.

This means that, on paper at least, every school or certificate is the same. And if a school claims its course is internationally accredited by an independent body then this isn’t true because there is no international accreditation body…


Over the years ICAL TEFL has given away many thousands of dollars in charitable donations to causes we feel are worthwhile and beneficial to the community.

These have ranged from schools in Africa to books in Mongolia to help for inner-city students in the USA.

Each year we set aside a percentage of our turnover to give away to deserving causes related to education where we feel it…

Course Registration/Enrollment

You can easily and quickly register for any of our online TEFL courses here. Register now to begin your course…
Option 1: Pay securely by Debit or Credit Card
You will find there are 4 courses to choose from. Choose the course you wish to take and select the currency you wish to pay in. Press the ‘Buy Course’ button for your choice of online course and continue to our…

Free ICAL Teaching Tips & Tricks

Do you want to receive weekly free advice on teaching English as a Second or Foreign language?

The ICAL TEFL Newsletter brings updates, advice and articles on teaching TEFL/TESOL right to your inbox. It gives you the latest articles on:

how to find the best jobs
where to teach and what different countries are like
great classroom activities
effective teaching methods…

Got a TEFL or Language Question?


What’s a past participle?
What on earth is the third conditional?
How can I find work in Thailand?
Do I need a degree to be a teacher?

Do you have a question about teaching English or even English itself?

Then ask us and we’ll let you know the answer. We’ve been in this business for years (we’re the…

Guest Blogs – write for us

The ICAL TEFL Blog and the ICAL TEFL Resources are hugely popular destinations for English language professionals. Although we have added our own articles, we also welcome submissions from individuals and organizations outside ICAL TEFL.

If you are interested in writing an article for our Blog or Resources, typical requirements are:
Content: related, obviously, to teaching English as a Foreign or Second language in the widest possible…

ICAL Student Testimonials

Over the years we have collected a lot of positive feedback on our TEFL certification courses and now, with the students’ permission, we proudly share it with you.

The course was very interesting with a lot of useful information. Besides, it was well structured and organized. The assignments were well designed as well. I really liked the course and enjoyed studying it. My tutor was very…

ICAL Students Training to Teach English

ICAL students come from all walks of life. There’s no “typical” ICAL student.

The majority of our students are new to teaching. But we also have many teachers wanting to learn more and earn an extra qualification.

Aside from a good knowledge of English, we don’t discriminate on any grounds at all which means we have students of all ages and backgrounds, nationalities and so on.


ICAL TEFL Partner Scheme

ICAL Educational Partner Scheme
Through the ICAL Educational Partner Scheme any English Language School or Educational Institute can offer their teachers quality training and recognized TEFL certification at a considerably discounted price.

We co-operate with several schools around the world training their teachers on a regular basis. Each school is unique and we endeavor to cater for their individual training needs.

Some schools choose ICAL to give…

ICAL TEFL Privacy Policy

Your privacy is always carefully managed and protected by ICAL TEFL. This page explains what happens when you write to us and how your details and information is dealt with. This applies whether you are a registered student or a general enquirer. This page outlines the ICAL TEFL privacy policy. The full details are below but in general any information you send us is kept strictly confidential and never passed…

ICAL TEFL Resources

Knowledge is Power

The ICAL TEFL site has thousands of pages of free TEFL resources for teachers and students.

These include:
The TEFL ICAL Grammar Guide.
Country Guides for teaching around the world.
How to find TEFL jobs.
How to teach English.
TEFL Lesson Plans.
… and much, much, more.

To find what you’re looking for, you can either use the links in the right-hand sidebar…

ICAL TEFL Testimonials

A random collection of students’ feedback. Thanks to each and every ICAL student for sharing their course experience with other TEFLers.
What ICAL Students Say
From XN1C3B Paul, working on mod3.
What I’m learning in my ICAL studies has already helped me very much with my teaching in China, especially the information about developing a lesson plan.

From XN24CF Jacob, submitting his final assignment.
I feel like…

Jobs with ICAL

This article has information on jobs available at ICAL for TEFL teacher trainers and administrative staff.

Note that if you are a TEFL teacher looking for work in an English school, please see our WorkSmart program and also our TEFL Jobs page.
ICAL Personal Tutors
ICAL personal tutors work closely with our students and are an integral part of the course and as ICAL grows, we often take on…

Learn English

We get many people asking to learn English with ICAL. Please note that we mainly run courses for teachers wanting to teach English. We also run the ICAL Grammar Foundation Course for those wishing to learn English grammar. However, if you would like to learn general English, then please click here. Of course, remember also that our TEFL Resources can be used by anyone whether you are a teacher or a…

Payment Options for ICAL TEFL Courses

The cost of an ICAL course is shown clearly on the courses page. There are no hidden extras and the course fee includes:

all tuition fees
your personal tutor throughout the course
all materials
full access to the ICAL Student Center during and after the course
unlimited correspondence with ICAL admin and your personal tutor during the course
the certificate, marksheet and reference…

TEFL Course Scholarships

Could you – or your organization – benefit from a scholarship to take an ICAL TEFL course?

Perhaps you would like to take a TEFL course but need help with the cost?

Maybe a recent government shutdown has left you out of work or on furlough?

In that case, ICAL may be able to help!
Do You Need a Scholarship?
Currently, we can give part scholarships to…

TEFL Job Adverts

ICAL posts here occasional jobs sent to us by schools around the world. We do not charge for this service. If you are looking for a TEFL/TESOL teacher (or you are a teacher looking for work), then please use this TEFL Job Posting Forum. You must include all relevant contact details and we will edit the post to make sure it complies with our posting rules. And don’t even think…

Terms & Conditions

The following are the full terms and conditions for taking an ICAL TEFL course. If you have any questions about these then do please feel free to contact us for clarification.

To register for an ICAL TEFL course you must:

have a good standard of English; this means that you must be able to read and write English at a high level

Aside from…

The ICAL Student Center

The ICAL Student Center or ISC is the home for each student taking an ICAL course. It is not only a virtual classroom and library, but also a place to meet and interact with other students.
As soon as you register in an ICAL course you are given a unique ID number and password which allow you to access the ISC and take advantage of all the facilities there…

Top 3 Tips to Make the Most of your Online TEFL Course

We get thousands of students each year taking our online TEFL course and a lot of new trainees joining us don’t quite know what to expect so here are 3 simple tips to help you make the most of your training.
1. Use your Personal Tutor!
Our tutors are experienced, knowledgeable and have often taught in many different countries around the world. They know what they’re talking about!


WorkSmart – help teaching English when you need it

ICAL WorkSmart is an exclusive mentoring program designed to help ICAL TEFL teachers and students find work and then be successful in their teaching.

Think of us as a knowledgeable, friendly professional who can help you with advice and suggestions; someone you can turn to when you’d like a second opinion; someone who has many, many years experience in the TEFL industry and who is there to…