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Qualifications For TEFL Teachers

This section is all about what TEFL Qualifications you need to teach English around the world as a second or foreign language.

In most cases, the basic qualifications are simply a degree and a TEFL Certificate. With these two pieces of paper you can work in virtually every country in a language school. The degree will help get you a visa and work permit; the TEFL certificate (also called a TESOL certificate) will let the school know that you are a capable and trained teacher.

Accreditation & TEFL Courses

There is currently NO independent, international board of accreditation or assessment for TEFL certificate providers.

This means that each institute, school, or organization recognizes their own certificate and accreditation comes from good practice, professional standards and reputation.

There are a number of organizations which have been set up nationally. And there are a number of organizations which have been set up by schools as supposedly independent accreditation agencies to…


ACTDEC stands for the Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses. It is a limited company which accredits TEFL certificate courses.

As of July 2012 they accredit 7 schools with a further 3 schools holding applicant status.
On its website, ACTDEC says it is a “non-profit making independent body” however it is registered with Companies House in the UK as a Limited Company No. 06713832. The registered office…

Can You Teach English Abroad Without a Degree?

The idea of teaching English abroad without a degree comes up often. This article looks at different aspects of this and ways in which teachers without a degree can find work.

For most countries the basic qualifications to teach English are a degree and a TEFL Certificate.

The degree is usually required for visa purposes and in many countries you can only find teaching work if you have a visa…


The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults or CELTA is a teaching qualification issued by Cambridge Assessment‏‎. It used to be known as the RSA.

The CELTA is a high-end TEFL Certificate and although there is no recognised standard qualification for teaching English, the CELTA is often seen as the most intense and highest level TEFL certificate.

Since different schools around the world offer the CELTA costs…


The DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) is an advanced qualification run by Cambridge Assessment‏‎ (formerly UCLES) for teachers. It was formerly known as the DTEFLA or the RSA Diploma. The DELTA is for teachers with several years experience teaching; it is regarded as the equivalent to an Masters Degree and is thus ideal for those teachers wishing to advance in the industry. It covers not only advanced teaching methodology…

Essential Qualifications to Teach English

Are you looking for the right kinds of Qualifications to teach English as a Second or Foreign language?

If so, this article is for you. It is the essential guide to TEFL teaching qualifications so you can land a job.
What Do I Need?
That’s the key question. The answer is, however, that there is no single answer.

Some schools ask for one set of qualifications…

Expat English Teachers

There are many reasons why people move abroad, but it often happens that someone abroad is looking for work and stumbles over the idea of teaching English. This article is a quick guide for expats thinking about teaching English as a part-time or full-time job while they are abroad.

But first, a quick word on who we are talking about here; that is, the kind of people…

Fake TEFL Certificates‏‎

Fake TEFL or TESOL Certificates are a fact of life.

This article explores why they exist, where they come from, ways in which they are being used and methods by which legitimate companies are combating their use.

(PS click here if you need to get a genuine TEFL Certificate.)
In the past – some twenty or thirty years ago – many teaching jobs were available…

How to Choose a Good TEFL Course

The basic and most commonly requested qualification to teach English‏‎ abroad are a degree and a TEFL or TESOL Certificate.

This article explains what they are and how to choose a good Course and Certificate.

The TEFL Certificate is a short course which teaches the basics of teaching English; a typical course will usually cover needs analysis‏‎, how to present material to the class, lesson planning‏‎, classroom…

How to Get a TEFL Certificate Online

If you want to teach English abroad then the two basic qualifications you need are a degree* and a TEFL certificate.

Twenty years ago if you wanted a TEFL certificate this meant spending several weeks at bricks-and-mortar school, attending class in the traditional way, taking your exam and then hopefully coming away with your certificate at the end of that time.

Nowadays thanks to online learning…

ICAL TEFL Course 120hr – Syllabus

This page has the full syllabus for the ICAL TEFL Course 120hr.
Course Syllabus
Module 1
In this first module, we introduce the subject of English Language Teaching. The module begins right at the beginning by talking about what it means to be an English teacher. It then brings in some basic ideas, words and concepts you will need to know to do the job.

We realize that many…

Job Interviews‏‎ for TEFL Teachers

TEFL Job Interviews are part and parcel of getting a job as a teacher. This article looks at ways in which you can prepare yourself for them.

Although there are no hard and fast rules on how the interview will happen and the structure, there are some good general principles which will cover you for 90% of the questions you’ll be asked.

Preparation is the key…

Masters Degrees for Teachers of English

The usual qualifications‏‎ for newcomers to TEFL‏‎ are a BA degree and a TEFL certificate such as the ICAL TEFL Certificate.

However, after a few years experience, some teachers will want to go for further study.

The two main options here are a TEFL Diploma or a Masters Degree (or MA).

The MA is considered a higher qualification than a Diploma and is often a requirement for…

PGCE‏‎ or TEFL for Teaching English Abroad

One frequently asked question is this: should I take a PGCE and/or a TEFL Certificate to teach English abroad?

This article answers that question and offers the best advice on what you should do when you’re given that choice. It looks at what the PGCE is, how they are seen by schools abroad, and what you can do with it if you want to teach outside the UK…

Qualify to Teach English in Greece

{seog:disable}Teach English in Greecewith the ICAL TEFL Certificate Course To teach in Greece you need: to have a degree (a BA/BSc in almost any subject is fine) to have a TEFL Certificate like the ICAL TEFL Certificate The ICAL TEFL Certificate Course will give you a thorough grounding in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Our online TEFL course costs just €200 (or $265 or £155) and covers all…

Taking a Teacher Training Course

Taking a TEFL or TESOL Teacher Training Course is part and parcel of training to teach English‏‎.

Thousands of potential teachers take a short TEFL Course and this article offers some basic advice on how to approach the course and how to get the most out of it.
Grammar & Vocabulary
Before beginning the course – or as soon as you can after starting it – get…

TEFL Certificates to Teach English

A  TEFL Certificate is the basic qualification you need to teach English as a foreign language or teach English as a second language.

This means, if you want to teach English abroad, you’ll need a TEFL certificate. In addition, many jobs also require a degree (however, if you don’t have a degree you can still sometimes find work – see the links below for more on this)…


The world of teaching English is full of acronyms‏‎. One question which pops up all the time is: what is the difference between TEFL and TESOL and TESL and CELTA and… and also: should I get a TEFL certificate or a TESOL certificate?

This article explains what these terms means and looks at differences between them when it comes to qualifications and finding work.


The usual qualifications‏‎ for newcomers to TEFL‏‎ are a degree and a TEFL certificate such as the ICAL TEFL Course. These are usually enough to secure a decent job in teaching English as a foreign language. However, after a few years experience, some teachers will want to go for further study. The two main options here are a Diploma or a Masters Degree. By far the most well known and…

Trinity CertTESOL

The CertTESOL or (to give it its full name) the Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a TEFL certificate.

It is roughly equivalent to the CELTA and is probably best suited for teachers with a couple of years experience under their belt.

The course was designed by Trinity College London and is offered by a number of schools around the world which offer…

Which Degree to Teach English Abroad?

The basic usual teaching qualifications for the majority of TEFL‏‎ jobs are a degree and a 120hr TEFL Certificate.

Although sometimes you can find work without a degree in some countries, this article looks at the type of degree which is best to have to teach English and which degrees are not usually acceptable.
Which Type of Degree?
By degree we mean a 3 or 4 year BA…