Our Grammar Foundation Course is designed to give you a thorough grounding in English Grammar. It is ideal both for students of English and for TEFL teachers.

  • Ideal for teachers and students
  • Covers all areas of English grammar found in the typical classroom
  • Simple explanations and easy to follow examples
  • Your own personal tutor to guide you through the course
  • Starts from no previous knowledge!

$130.00 all inclusive

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The Grammar Foundation Course gives a 5 module introduction to the essentials of English grammar. You will work through the modules with your own personal tutor who will be there to answer your questions and offer advice and guidance at every step of the way.

Who Should Take This Course?

The course is ideal for anyone who needs to brush up on their English grammar knowledge. Suitable for both teachers & students it is a no-nonsense approach to grammar giving you the solid essentials along with plenty of examples and explanations.

Even if English is your native language you are sure to learn something – why we speak the way we do and common mistakes that even natives make. This is vital knowledge for anyone who wants to teach English to others!

What Does The Course Cover?

  • Parts of speech – nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and so on
  • Word order and sentence construction
  • Subjects and objects
  • All about verbs and tenses
  • Making questions and negatives
  • Conditionals, passives, causative form
  • Reported speech
  • And much, much more!

Plus, of course, you’ll always have your personal tutor to help you, if you ever need it. And at the successful end of the course we will send your official Grammar Certificate to any location in the world, at no extra cost.