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More English Teachers Needed in Japan!

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan may seem a long way off, but in Japan the Tokyo authorities are already beginning to plan for the influx of foreign tourists and athletes.

And the first step is increasing the number of English teachers in the country.

Right now in Tokyo state schools there are just 5 native English speaking assistants. This is set to increase to 100 next year…

Teaching English in Asia

Asia has some of the major world destinations when it comes to TEFL teaching.

China is the new big player in this field and thousands of English teachers work there from all the English speaking countries (as well as a notable number of non-native speakers as well from other countries). With a longer history of welcoming English teachers, the other big players in this region are South Korea, Japan…

Teaching English in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is an island country off the south coast of India.

It has a population of about 20 million from several different ethnic backgrounds. For some 26 years there was a state of unrest between various factions resulting in many deaths amongst government and insurgent forces as well as innocent civilians. However, in 2009 the government defeated the insurgents and re-established control over the…

Teaching English in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in central Asia bordering with Afghanistan‏‎, Kazakhstan‏‎, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Uzbekistan has worked towards strengthening its economic relations with many western powers, and consequently has invested heavily in English language training. Recently there has been a major shift from Russian to English with all teachers and students having English lessons. It used to be…

Teaching English in Taiwan

Speaking good English‏‎ for many Asian people is an excellent plus when it comes to apply for work or placement in prestigious national universities and Western schools.

As a result, there is a multi-billion dollar ELT industry and a huge demand for English teachers throughout Asia.

Taiwan relies heavily on international trade to succeed as one of the world economic leaders, and with English being the international language…

Teaching English in Cambodia

As with many South Asian countries where the economy is poor, well paid teaching opportunities in Cambodia don’t abound.

However, two classes almost at the opposite end of the social spectrum are driving the ELT market in Cambodia. The new affluent Khmers, who want to give their children more opportunities in life by educating them in English, and the less affluent Khmers who want to get better paid…

Teaching English in Vietnam

Vietnam is a stunningly beautiful country with everything from bustling cities to serene mountains. It is well worth visiting if you get the chance.

The major cities are often clean and full of old colonial landmarks and buildings but wherever you are in Vietnam you’ll always find lots of interesting things to see and do all the time. Major centres are: Ho Chi Minh City (hot, exciting…

Teaching English in Japan

Japan has one of the lowest scores on international English tests and has taken steps in recent years to improve English language teaching at schools with increased instruction and greater use of native English speaking teachers alongside Japanese teachers in the classroom.

Having said this, jobs are more scarce now than they used to be and in recent years it is becoming harder to find work in…

Teaching English in South Korea

There is a high demand for English teachers in South Korea and it is a popular destination for teachers from right around the world.
According to figures from 2011, almost 15,500 foreign English teachers were working in South Korea with about 10% of these being of Korean decent (mostly Korean-Americans).
Qualified English native speakers are required not only for EFL‏‎ classes but also to teach subjects like Maths, Science, English Literature…

Teaching English in China

China is one of the major countries where English teachers are in demand. It attracts teachers from many English speaking countries and teaching English‏‎ there is big business.

The country’s English language teaching industry is estimated to be worth over 2 billion USD with more than 300 million Chinese studying English. It has only really emerged in the past 10 years or so and is still in the…