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Teaching English in Europe

Europe, for TEFL‏‎ teachers, can be divided into several distinct areas. These sometimes overlap. For a list of individual countries and the TEFL situation in each of them, see below.
English-Speaking Countries
In other words, the United Kingdom and Ireland‏‎. There is a demand for English teachers here, mainly dealing with short-term groups of foreign students who come for a short course to learn English. Usually jobs are filled by…

Teaching English in Finland

Although it has a very high standard of living and often ranks highly on quality of life scales, Finland nonetheless is not a particularly common destination for TEFL teachers.

Perhaps it’s the weather (often cold) or perhaps it’s the food (lots of fish) but it doesn’t seem to attract the same numbers as other countries despite it being a pretty amazing place to live and work…

Teaching English in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with a healthy tourist industry attracting thousands of foreigners every year. People visit Ireland not only for its natural beauties and historical heritage but also to learn English where English is spoken.

NB for simplicity, we are talking about both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as “Ireland”.
Where to Teach
The majority of English language schools are in the capital…

Teaching English in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom or UK (comprising England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) is the home of English and TEFL‏‎ schools abound here catering generally for small groups of foreign students in the country for a few weeks taking a short course. There are additionally some courses offering English to immigrants and private lessons can often be found in this area.

Often the schools are located in the more touristic areas…

Teaching in the EU for Non-Europeans

This article is about restrictions and practices for teachers wanting to teach English in countries belonging to the European Union‏‎ (EU). The most common question on this is one of visas and whether non-EU citizens (Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc) can work in the EU. This is addressed below.
In general, the minimum requirements to teach in an EU country in terms of academic qualifications are a degree and a TEFL…

Teaching English in Greece

Greece has traditionally been a popular destination for first time teachers. Although some years ago there were thousands of British and Irish teachers in the country (plus a few other nationalities) due to the recession and declining birthrate the number of teachers needed has slowly declined.

However, there are still jobs to be found. The pay is not fantastic, but it is an amazing country to live…

Teaching English in France

France is without doubt a beautiful country; laid back and vibrant at the same time. It attracts many visitors from abroad, a lot of whom fall in love and decide to stay there forever and the country is home to expats of all nationalities.

Having said this there is sometimes an issue with anti-English attitudes; if you know French or at least can learn the basics before…

Teaching English in the European Union

The European Union or EU is a collection of European countries which have formed a social and economic union. This has had important consequences for teachers there.
Essentially citizens of any EU country have the right to live and work in any other EU country and they will receive preferential treatment when it comes to finding work. Notably the bureaucracy involved is much simpler than for non-EU citizens…