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Japanese vs English

Japanese is an East Asian language spoken by about 125 million speakers, primarily in Japan, where it is the national language.

According to recent research by the FSI Japanese is the hardest language for English speakers to learn and, presumably, Japanese speakers find learning English the hardest also. This article then is about the kind of problems and issues Japanese speakers have when they learn English.
Word Order in…

Split Infinitives in English Grammar

Split Infinitives are a construction in English‏‎ when the infinitive of a verb‏‎ is cut in half by another word. For example:
Infinitive: to see
Split Infinitive: to barely see
The infinitive is most often split by an adverb‏‎ or adverbial phrase‏‎.
I attempted to carefully remove the plug.
She began to frantically and almost hysterically rip at the packaging.

The first written record of a split infinitive…

The Comparative Game‏‎

The Comparative Game is a simple way to get your class practicing comparatives. It’s best used at the end of a lesson where you’ve been looking at comparatives and adjectives and/or adverbs in general.
Playing the Game
Firstly divide the class into groups of four or so students each and tell them they’re playing against each other.

Then have them write a list of 10 adjectives…

Teaching Grammar

The subject of Teaching Grammar is often discussed and there are many different views and approaches. New teachers often feel that to properly teach a language they must teach grammar.

However this is not the case.
In the past it was thought that students must be given explicit grammatical rules. Students were taught about subjects and objects‏‎, parts of speech‏‎ and so on and then expected to…

Do I Need To Know Grammar to teach English?

This question is often asked by new or potential TEFL teachers, especially since many schools in the UK and USA‏‎ do not teach grammar‏‎ as a matter of course and many high school graduates will not know a verb‏‎ from a noun.
Can you describe language?

It’s an important question. Grammar describes how a language works and, since you are teaching that language, you should be able…

English Grammar‏‎

Grammar is the way in which words come together to form sentences‏‎ (or utterances‏‎ in spoken language).

It is difficult to define this word accurately because people use it in different ways. Some definitions include:

the branch of linguistics‏‎ which deals with syntax‏‎ and morphology‏‎ and sometimes semantics
the study of parts of speech‏‎, their inflection‏‎ and relations in a sentence

Perhaps though…