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A First Time English Teacher in Italy

Welcome to Ally – a former ICAL student – writing this guest post. Ally began her  TEFL life after a career in banking; here she talks about her first experience teaching English which happened in a small town in northern Italy.

Living in Italy had been my dream for years, but I never wanted to go down the usual trodden paths – Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Naples. Instead…

English Block for Milan

The prestigious Milan Polytechnic has been delivered a blow in its attempt to teach all postgraduate courses in English. A local court has ruled that making English obligatory is not constitutional and courses must be delivered in Italian.

Both students and the Polytechnic administration are frustrated with this blow. They see English as a way of advancing the status of the courses and the opportunities of students…

Learn to Teach English in Italy

To teach in Italy you need:

to have a degree (a BA/BSc in almost any subject is fine)
to have a TEFL certificate
to be a native English speaker

The ICAL online TEFL Certificate Course will give you a thorough grounding in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Our online TEFL course covers all major aspects of TEFL and TESOL…

Politecnico di Milano – in English

I was reading today that the Politecnico di Milano in Italy‏‎ is changing to an English-speaking university only. Quite a remarkable move considering the level of English penetration within Italy. This is a country, after all, which is in the bottom third of English knowledge within Europe.

The university is one of the largest in Italy with about 36,500 students and from 2014 most of its degree courses (and…

Italian vs English

Italian (= italiano or lingua italiana) is a Romance language spoken by about 60 million people in Italy‏‎, and by another 10 million Italian descendants in the world, particularly in Argentina‏‎, Uruguay, southern Brazil‏‎ and Venezuela where they form a very strong physical and cultural presence.

Italian is also the official language of the small state of San Marino and the Swiss cantons of Grigioni and Ticino. It is…

Teaching English in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for TEFL teachers in Europe. It offers beautiful landscapes, clean and well presented cities plus almost unrivaled heritage and a wealth of cultural history. Thousands of foreign TEFL teachers work in Italy and this article explains what you need to do to join them.
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