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Interrogative Adjectives in English Grammar

Simply put, Interrogative Adjectives are adjectives which modify a noun (like all adjectives do) and also ask a question.

These are the interrogative adjectives:
Any sentence which begins with an interrogative adjective is a question:
Which coat is yours?
What time is it?
Whose car is blocking the drive?
Like all adjectives, interrogative adjectives modify a noun:
{adjective} + {noun phrase} + {…}
whose + dog…

Short Answers in English

Look at these simple questions:
Can you handle the truth?
Are you busy?
To answer them your students will often give just a Short Answer:

Are you rich?
No, I’m not!
Does he smoke?
Yes, he does.
Who killed the king?
He did.

Short Answers & TEFL
Sometimes your students will give a simple yes or no answer to questions like these.This is not wrong but can sound…

Question Tags in English Grammar

Question tags are used at the end of sentences when we want to check something, when we want someone to do something or when we want to show surprise. They are separated from the main question by a comma:
You’re English, aren’t you?
You’ve got five minutes to spare, haven’t you?
You’re not going to leave, are you?

Form & Construction
Making a question tag is fairly…

Concept Checking Questions in TEFL

Concept Checking is a way to make sure your students have understood what you have been explaining. It’s about asking the right questions‏‎.

These two examples show why concept checking is necessary in your classroom:

Example 1

You asked your students to read a passage in a book. Afterwards you ask them, “Did you all understand that?” The chances are that one or two students will say…

Open-Ended Questions‏‎ in TEFL

An Open-Ended Question is a question‏‎ which cannot be answered with a simple Yes or No answer and one which requires more thought.

It is the opposite of a Closed Question. And like a door, an open question could lead anywhere, a closed question stops everything.
Open-Ended vs Closed Questions
In teaching, an open-ended question will elicit a more complex and longer answer. For example, you…

Sentences‏‎ in English Grammar

A sentence is a group of words‏‎ beginning with a capital letter‏‎ and ending with a full stop/period, exclamation mark or question mark.

It is the written equivalent of an utterance‎.
My name is Conan.
We won!
Is July going to be hot here?

Sentence Types
There are a number of different sentence types in English‏‎ and we use them for different purposes.
To give information…