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Teaching English in South America

South America is a very popular destination for new TEFL teachers. Generally speaking it’s popular mostly with American teachers but you will certainly find other nationalities there.

Although some jobs are advertised online, many schools in South America do not have an internet presence so they tend to rely on more local contacts. Often you stand the best chance of finding work if you are actually in country.


Teaching English in Venezuela

Venezuela (or officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) is a beautiful country in the very north of South America, looking onto the Caribbean. It is a very urbanized country with most people living in the capital city of Caracas. It has large reserves of oil which benefited the country financially but it also has a history of mis-management, political instability and social problems and unrest.

The political…

Teaching English in Chile

In Chile the Ministry of Education is on a mission – at least on paper – to promote the teaching of the English language at all school levels, and steps have been taken to develop curricula and programs that will allow all Chileans to learn English from an early age. Universities are also trying to follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and have made English a…

Teaching English in Argentina

Argentina is a huge, diverse country. In recent years it has had its fair share of political and economic problems and for many years was in a very poor financial state. There was some recovery but with the current global downturn Argentina is not thriving economically right now. However, this shouldn’t put you off going there as there are still jobs and life can be good there!…

Teaching English in Brazil

The market for English teachers is growing in Brazil. In 2012 the British Council‏‎ began a major initiative to offer free materials and lessons to students wanting to take the IELTS‏‎ test. Undoubtedly they hope to raise enough awareness for the test to make money out of it in Brazil in the future. In the meantime English teachers are needed.

Meanwhile in 2013 Pearson ESL‏‎ invested over $700 million…

Teaching English in Colombia

You can find near-perfect weather, lush produce and tasty food, an easy-going lifestyle and sociable people if you’re working as an English teacher in Colombia.

But what about the crime rate, violence and drug problem? It’s probably just not what you think it is and that’s why there are so many foreign English teachers living and working in this amazing country.
Your Safety in Colombia