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ICAL Students Training to Teach English

ICAL TEFLICAL students come from all walks of life. There’s no “typical” ICAL student.

The majority of our students are new to teaching. But we also have many teachers wanting to learn more and earn an extra qualification.

Aside from a good knowledge of English, we don’t discriminate on any grounds at all which means we have students of all ages and backgrounds, nationalities and so on.

We have students who are still at High School to right up to our oldest student who was 83 years old when they took the course.

And as for backgrounds, we’ve had lawyers, students, homemakers, fresh graduates, real estate agents, scientists, nurses, university professors, carpenters, musicians and beyond!

Where are They From?

Our students come from all over the world; we already have students of these nationalities (but students from any nationality are accepted!): American· Angolan· Argentinian· Australian· Austrian· Bahraini· Bangladeshi· Belgian· Brazilian· Bulgarian· Canadian· Chinese· Colombian· Croatian· Danish· Dutch· Ecuadorian· Egyptian· English· Ethiopian· French· German· Ghanaian· Greek· Indian· Indonesian· Iranian· Irish· Italian· Japanese· Kenyan· Malaysian· Maltese· Mexican· New Zealand· Nigerian· Pakistani· Panamanian· Philippino· Polish· Russian· Scottish· Singaporean· South African· South Korean· Spanish· Swedish· Swiss· Taiwanese· Tunisian· Turkish· UAE· Welsh

Each student has access to the ICAL Student Center where they can “meet” other students and compare notes on the course, help each other out, share their experience in a foreign country, etc. Mostly our students all get together on the student forum – feel free to read some of the messages and conversations going on there – and in the chatroom.

Where are They Now?

As for their locations, our students are currently living and working in: Angola · Argentina· Australia· Austria· Bahamas· Bangladesh· Belgium· Brazil· Bulgaria· Cambodia· Canada· Chile· China · Colombia· Czech Republic· Denmark· Ecuador· Egypt· England· Ethiopia· Finland· France· Germany· Greece· Guatemala· Holland· Hong Kong· India· Indonesia· Ireland· Israel· Italy· Japan · Kazakhstan· Korea, South· Kuwait· Luxembourg · Malaysia· Mexico· Mongolia· Morocco· New Zealand· Nigeria· Northern Ireland· Oman· Panama· Peru· Philippines· Poland· Portugal· Qatar· Russia· Saudi Arabia· Scotland· Serbia And Montenegro· Singapore· South Africa· South Korea · Spain· Sweden· Switzerland· Taiwan· Thailand· Tunisia· Turkey· UAE· United Arab Emirates· United States of America· USA· Venezuela· Viet Nam· Wales· Yemen

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